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Apple supports iPhone 8 by removing iphone 7 256GB from shelves

The iPhone 7 arrived with a storage option of 256 GB Apple reverted the supplies after 1 year of its releasephone release: iPhone 7 is now available in 32 GB and 128 GB versions only.Based on Price comparsions majority would buy an iPhone 7 rather than an 8. Google search results show that iPhone 7 was searched many times by individuals compared with the 8.G more...

Nokia 3 - Believes united, nothing stands in our way

A Nokia for the majority, the legendary brand makes a new beginning "connecting people" the Android way. As Nokia is planning to challenge Huawei and Samsung in the superior end of the market and its lead gadget is estimated fundamentally lower than competitors. The majority of the mobile phones will run the most recent form of Google&#39 more...

WIFI Not Secure Anymore - Here comes the KRACK

All contemporary secure Wi-Fi networks and along with being used "to steal sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords, chat messages, emails, photographs, etc," may also be utilized for deploying and manipulating information, including malware or ransom-ware.How to Prevent It?KRACK-Key Reinstallation AttaCKs would be the reason for e more...

Nokia 8 and whopping 8GB Ram!

Nokia 8 was announced back in August with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage. Now a new, more premium version of the flagship appeared in Finland. Several retailers in the company's home market now offer the Nokia 8 with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage for the sweet price of €649.99.Nokia 8 - The Shinny new starThe boosted Nokia 8 version is offe more...

KasperSky : Should it be considered safe ?

 Should it be considered safe after Russians hack attack on NSA employee ?Consumers find themselves wrapped up in a net of global cyber espionage. But that is what appears to have occurred after recent reports which the home computer of a National Security Agency builder was murdered by Russian representatives utilizing Kaspersky antivirus software that more...

Avast 2018 Antivirus Now Available for Free Download

Avast has Established Its Own 2018 antivirus Program range, which Comprises of features includingDetecting viruses, ransomware, along with other dangers in real time. But for 2018, the amount of security goes considerably farther.Proceed through the Scope and additional features like Actual Website (prevent fake websites for safer purchasing); Sandbox (Sandb more...

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