TruePlay (TPLAY) Wallet - How To Transfer Token to Nano Ledger / MyEtherWallet

Mar 29, 2018        Author Name: Zahid

TruePlay (TPLAY) Wallet - How To Transfer Token to Nano Ledger / MyEtherWallet

TruePlay (TPLAY) is an ERC20 Token issued on ethereum blockchain. In other words TruePlay (TPLAY) project is in development and is issued by TruePlay (TPLAY) development team to its investors (token buyers) on Ethereum Wallet (we recommend also known as MEW)

1. How to buy TruePlay (TPLAY)

To buy P2P solutions foundation (P2PS) token goto an exchange that is selling TruePlay (TPLAY) against Bitcoin or Ethereum or any other supported crypto currency. For instance exchange allows TraDove (BBCoin) token purchase.

2. How to Widthdraw TruePlay (TPLAY) Token to Ethereum Wallet such as

First goto and click on Grey area beside the message note (as shown in image below)


3. Create a New Wallet at (MEW)
Create a new ethereum wallet by creating a password of your own.
(Keep you password saved and stored in a safe place. You will loose your token if you forget the password).


4. Download your ethereum JSON Key (private key)
Make sure to download the JSON key (private key) and save the file securely in a safe place. Tip: Make multiple copies of it and save it in a standard Offline USB drive or Nano Ledger S device specifically made for storing crypto currencies.

Once the JSON key is downloaded, click I UNDERSTAND button. It will reveal your Private Key.

5. Save Your Private Key

Make sure to save your Private key in a safe place. (Save your Password + JSON Key + Private Key).
(Never misplace your PrivateKey or your money will be lost forever).

6. Recieve your ERC20 Tokens to your Ethereum Wallet from the Exchange.

Lastly you will be given an ethereum wallet address, where all ERC20 Token can be recieved within ethereum wallet. An ERC20 token is used by most of Crypto Projects that issue tokens to investors meanwhile they develop their own blockchain technology. 

You can safely Withdraw your TruePlay (TPLAY) Token to the ETHEREUM address generated for you.
Make sure you Add a CUSTOM TOKEN, with Contract Address, Token Words, and Decimal Value - which can been found on company website or instructions issued by company which you have invested in.


Project Website:
CEO: Oleksiy Mageramov


TruePlay is an Ethereum-based software platform for gambling that uses smart contracts to guarantee complete transparency and provide an unparalleled level of security that includes protecting gambling sites in case of a break-in attempt. Series of rounds are held in an encrypted data storage. A proven industry standard of AES-256 and better is used for encryption. Network-level SSL secures Information transmitted between the data storage and the platform.

Numerous game providers, including the massively successful Pokerdom and Gamingtec, already run TruePlay. Gamingtec already created its own product based on TruePlay technology - Spinomenal games have been integrated into TruePlay. TruePlay is a platform that allows operators to create all types of games, and not just the simple ones. Poker, BlackJack and multispin slot-machines with bonus games are all supported by TruePlay.

We envision an industry with a unique game currency – TruePlay (TPLAY).

When implemented, TruePlay is going to enable instant payouts and quick, transparent transactions.  Many territories have laws in place that prohibit gaming portals from using traditional currency. By placing bets in TPLAY, those who previously had no access to online gambling will become part of the worldwide gambling community - regardless of where they are. Affiliates would be able to monitor profits, and there would be no possibility of distorting the results. Players would have to use TruePlay to place bets at partner sites, thus increasing the public’s demand for TPLAY.

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