Convert Youtube Videos into MP3-MP4 from Mobile and Desktop

Nov 28, 2017        Author Name: James

Convert Youtube Videos into MP3-MP4 from Mobile and Desktop

There are many websites which converted YouTube videos to MP3 audio documents, is totally dead now. Fear not, however: This does not imply that you can not still extract the audio and voices from your favorite videos to listen to if you desire. The world wide web has continued to provide us plenty of choice choices which are 100% free and trustworthy.

To convert videos from Youtube to any video (mp4, mkv etc) and audio (mp3, m4a etc) format, we have 

  • Mobile Apps (Andriod)
  • Mobile Apps (iOS)
  • Webpage (Online Converter)
  • Windows Softwares


Mobile Apps (Andriod & iOS) to convert Youtube Videos to MP3, MP4


1. Video to Mp3 Downloader (Andriod)

This app from Google App Store will help you to download and convert all the Youtube video to high quality mp3 and mp4 format in your andriod phones.

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2. Yoump34 (Andriod)

Tested app by Filepill Team, Working 100%. Easy download of all the Youtube Videos to any format you like in audio and video.

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3. Peggo (Andriod)

By default, MP3s are listed in the maximum grade available. Watch here to find out more on record quality. Record videos, also. Record your favourite videos as MP4s, from mobile-friendly 144p to complete HD 1080p.Silence removal Silence at the start and finish of videos is mechanically eliminated so You obtain a gorgeous MP3 with only the fantastic stuff. About Peggo's silent elimination here.

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4. Video to MP3 Converter (iOS)

If you are an iOS user, then a Android program will not do you much good. For iOS users, there's the excellent Video to MP3 Converter program, which enables users to shoot YouTube movies and convert them in a whole slew of formats directly there in their own phones.

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Webpage (Online Converter) Youtube to all audio and video fromats


1. Online Video

We strongly recommend to use Online Video website to download all the videos from youtube, it have 7+ formats to offer in videos like (mp4, mkv, flv, avi etc) all in high quality HD video fromat  720p, 1080p.
It also has same amount of formats in audio (mp3, acc, m4a, flac, wav) in upto 320Kbps format.

Supported websites: Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and Daily Motion.

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2. Convert2mp3

Convert2mp3 has Choices that Are Extremely similar Online Video Converter, But with just one advantage: You do not have to visit YouTube to locate the movie that you're searching for, since it's an internal investigation function. Use it to locate exactly what you want and then convert it directly in the program.

The single drawback to Convert2mp3 is that it simply converts YouTube, Dailymotion, and Clipfish videos.

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Windows Softwares to download Youtube Video in high quality


1. Freemake Video Converter (Windows)

A different Kind of tool out of those we Have gone through above, Freemake Video Converter is not a webpage you find on the internet but a program on the PC. If you are feeling too lazy to really put in a program, remember the Freemake is an all-purpose solution which converts videos from countless formats, not simply YouTube.

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