Buy bitcoin with Paypal Skrill Anonymously online - NO Verification Requied

Dec 08, 2017        Author Name: Tay Jav

Buy bitcoin with Paypal Skrill Anonymously online - NO Verification Requied

One living in this digital age must have heard about bitcoins, since it is making worldwide headlines each and everyday (CNN, BBC, Foxnews) name the news channel and Bitcoin is part of every news bulletan. Last year, December 2016 price of 1 Bitcoin equled $900-950 and within on year the price shot upto 15,000~16,000 range as of today, after setting up a all time high of $18,000 in various exchanges including Bitfinex, Poloneix.


How to buy Bitcoins with Paypal

Now coming to the point, how can anybody buy bitcoin off internet using Paypal or Skrill (moneybookers) without ID verification and various other requirements. The good news is that there is a way but it comes with its limits of $100/day limit. You can start buying for $480 per day after your account remains active for 60 days starting from 1st successful transaction you make in your VIRWOX account.

Follow the steps:

1. Signup for an account at

2. Verify Email confirmation link

3. Make a Deposit using Paypal/Skrill account.

4. Once deposit is made, convert your Deposited USD into SLL currency. (note: to buy bitcoins you need to first convert them into SLL currency in virwox account).

5. After you have SLL, convert SLL to BTC using the SLL/BTC conversion link on

Viola! your BTC are in your wallet.

6. Now you can Withdraw your BTC to your desired wallet (copay, coinomi or whatever you wish). Its all yours!.

You can desposit as much money as you wish keeping within $108 Limit (Level 1), $130 (Level 2), and finally $480 (Level 3) accounts at virwox.In short, the conversion charges you will face are around 20%. If you deposit $480 in Virwox, and convert into Botcoins (XBT) or BTC, you will get $400 worth of bitcoins.

Now virwox comes with this drawback, but it gives you liberty to buy Bitcoins with NO QUESTIONS asked.

You can buy Bitcoins from almost all countries around the world including, UAE, INDIA, Pakistan, GULF countries Qatar UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bangladesh etc . This option is best for anybody who finds it hard to buy bitcoin especially in African countries.