Apple supports iPhone 8 by removing iphone 7 256GB from shelves

Oct 25, 2017        Author Name: Tay Jav

Apple supports iPhone 8 by removing iphone 7 256GB from shelves

The iPhone 7 arrived with a storage option of 256 GB Apple reverted the supplies after 1 year of its releasephone release: iPhone 7 is now available in 32 GB and 128 GB versions only.

Based on Price comparsions majority would buy an iPhone 7 rather than an 8. Google search results show that iPhone 7 was searched many times by individuals compared with the 8.

Galaxy S7 Better Than iPhone 8?
Move appears like another effort to encourage customers to go for its pricey "updates" instead of an attempt to launch a product with a better feature set. Lately, Consumer Reports recommended the Galaxy S7 over the iPhone 8 even though they both got the same score (80). Even if With the launch of iPhone X around the corner, Apple Has to People overlook the benefits of the iPhone 8: a more powerful processor and wireless charging, the 256 GB alternative will induce a few of the individuals to buy it.

Reports and evaluations indicate that individuals Has been in a struggle next month to increase its need and also with iPhone X in its way, its demand is likely to reduce.

    High-quality videos and photographs
    The ability to download big apps
    The ability to store movies, movies and music etc

Apple's Continual Struggle
Apple's Make sure until its new merchandise is launched, that it makes the most.

A capacity means: Apple Previously, The 256 GB model is currently reserved for the iPhone 8. An Apple customer service representative confirmed the information.