File Sharing

WebTorrent for Mac

WebTorrent for Mac is for streaming torrents. Whether It is video in the Web Archive, songs from Creative Commons, or even Audiobooks out of Librivox, it is possible to play it straight away. You do n

License : Open Source | Version : 0.20.0

BitTorrent for Mac

BitTorrent is a torrent client for sharing information through the BitTorrent protocol. The program allows users to share, research, upload and download program, music, movie, record, image and other

License : Freeware | Version : 7.4.3 build 43797

Tomato Torrent

Tomato Torrent is a straightforward and clean method to use BitTorrent on a Mac. This program is a very small download, which makes it highly portable. Basically Free Tomato Torrent is small and yet e

License : Open Source | Version : 1.5.1

Transmission for Mac

Transmission is a straightforward BitTorrent client for MacOS X, providing users everything they have to download torrents quickly. While Transmission does not boast complicated advanced attributes, i

License : Open Source | Version : 2.93

Vuze for Mac

Formerly Called Azureus, Vuze is A BitTorrent client which has everything that you may need. You'd have the ability to track down and subsequently download your favourite video content together wi

License : Freeware | Version :

4shared Desktop for Mac

In 4shared Desktop for Mac, you easily access and manage folders on your 4shared online storage accounts. That's a lot for the average user to copy photos, files, music or some other documents you

License : Freeware | Version : 1.3


Deluge is a feature loaded The program employs libtorrent in its own backend and features numerous user-interfaces such as: GTK+, console and web. Deluge was designed with the client server version us

License : Open Source | Version : 1.3.15