Google Translate

The Google Translate expansion will enable you to see a lot of languages readily as you surf the net. Simply click or highlight onto a part of text and click Translate icon near it to interpret it to

License : Freeware | Version : 2.0.7


BriskBard is your newest all-in-one browser for Windows PC which contains an email client, a news aggregator, a media player, a FTP client, a newsreader and a lot more. The ability of 10 software in 1

License : Freeware | Version : 1.6.7

Yandex Browser for Windows

Yandex Browser is a simple and user-friendly web browser. Its clutter-free interface Provides you plenty of room for seeing webpages. The minimalist design permits you to focus on more significant thi

License : Freeware | Version :


Chromium is a open-source web browser that intends to construct a more secure, faster, and more secure strategy for all net users to go through the internet. Chromium is your open source internet brow

License : Open Source | Version : 73.0.3674.0

Pale Moon

Pale Moon is really a Firefox-based net Browser for Microsoft Windows, Android and Linux (along with other working systems in evolution) which is centered on efficiency and simplicity of usage. Pale M

License : Open Source | Version : 28.3.0

Torch Browser

Torch Browser is a feature rich browser with a great deal of customizable tweaks to get your Internet experience much better.Important & Main Features of Torch BrowserBuit In Torrent - You also ca

License : Freeware | Version :

UC Browser

UC Browser is a brand new looking, Chromium-based browser, so which comes packaged with all of the advantages of Chrome, but in addition, it has some exceptional characteristics to make your experienc

License : Freeware | Version :