Zulu DJ Professional

Zulu DJ Professional

By : NCH Software

( Freeware )

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Zulu DJ Software is Expert DJ mixing Program for Your Windows platform. With it you are able to combine and broadcast live music, sound and Mp3s.

Drag and drop songs into or about Zulu's port and preview an upcoming track via cans by means of a secondary sound output. You may even apply effects on the fly.

  • Crossfade between 2 monitors.
  • Automatic synchronization between the decks according to BPM.
  • Supports a high number of audio formats such as wav, mp3, vox, gsm, real audio, au, aif, flac, ogg etc..
  • Change the pitch in real time of every monitor, slow it down or speed it up to sync it with all the other monitors.
  • Insert a cue header mark at any given point able to immediately begin playing the track with that point.
  • Loop segments within a monitor and then synchronize that loop into the BPM.
  • Actual time Equalization on every Deck (monitor) such as "kill" switches for immediate EQ.
  • Apply consequences in real time to a monitor.
  • Independent output for headphones.
  • Easy and intuitive user friendly interface for daily functioning.

Loading tracks is simple, just add it into a deck and it is going to automatically scan the document to get a beat and also assign a beat per minute (BPM), and can alter the speed in the next deck for ideal synchronization plus a smooth crossover.

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