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    6.0 Build 0109
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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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    Dec 12, 2018
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It provides industry leading performance and feature collections which aren't accessible its free choices. Characteristics that business users will discover helpful include a tabbed setting, dynamic port forwarding, custom key mapping, user defined switches, VB scripting, along with UNICODE terminal for showing two byte characters and global language support. Xshell is totally free for school and home use.

Xshell Free provides many consumer friendly features which aren't accessible other terminal emulators. These features include Zmodem file uploads from drag and drop, Zmodem file downloads by choosing the file name, easy manner, full screen mode, transparency alternatives, and also a custom made design style. Save time and effort when doing terminal jobs utilizing Xshell.

Key Features:

Replaces insecure telnet clients.
Xshell supports VT100, VT220, VT320, XTERM, LINUX, SCOANSI and ANSI terminal emulation and provides various terminal appearance options replacing legacy telnet clients.

Supports secure connections for X11 and arbitrary TCP/IP applications.
Xshell supports the port forwarding feature over the SSH tunneling mechanism, so that all TCP/IP applications can share a secure connection without any modification to the program.

Don’t let others take a peek at your information
Xshell supports various security features such as SSH1/SSH2 protocols, password, and DSA/RSA public key user authentication methods, and encrypts all traffic with various encryption algorithms. It is essential to keep your data safe with the built-in Xshell security feature, because the traditional connection protocols such as TELNET and Rlogin can leave your network traffic vulnerable to anyone with network knowledge. Xshell will help you protect your data from hackers.

The best terminal emulator user experience
Terminal users often have to work with multiple terminal sessions at any given time and need to compare the terminal output with many different hosts or send same set of commands to them. Xshell is designed to resolve these issues. With wide range of user convenient features such as tabbed environment, split window, synchronized key input and session management, you can save time and get more work done faster.

Multiple languages in a single screen? Xshell is ready when you are
Xshell is the first of its kind that has UTF-8 based terminal. With Xshell, multiple languages can be displayed on a single screen and there is no need to switch between different language encodings. As more businesses are moving towards providing their services, databases and applications in UTF-8 format, there is an increasing demand for a terminal emulator that supports UTF-8 encoding. Xshell can help you handle the multiple language environment.

- Add: New SSH parameters available in the Local Shell. '-p' (password authentication), '-a' (use Xagent). Able to overide session property settings.
- Add: Support for ANSI 90~97 (light foreground), 100-107 (light background) values
- Add: Visual confirmations of host key (Randomart) in the host key confirmation dialog box
- Fix: Creating a new session in the Session Manager while in the search state causes the session list to not refresh immediately
- Fix: Default language is set to English in Portuguese and French using countries
- Fix: Deleted login scripts and forwarding rules remain in the session file
- Fix: Incorrect server selection if a proxy server with a similar name exists
- Fix: Login not possible if server account name is multibyte UTF8
- Fix: No terminal focus when immediately opening a session which was edited from the Session Manager
- Fix: Some Compose Pane icons are not visible in the German resources
- Fix: Terminal becomes unresponsive if some highlight keywords are entered twice
- Fix: The enter key's value for creating a newline character is different between the terminal and compose bar
- Fix: Timestamp in logs use the default format even if format field is left emtpy
- Fix: Underlines from hovering over a hyperlink remain even after ceasing hover

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