By : Paul Alan Freshney

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Xinorbis is a very simple but powerful hard disk, storage and folder analyser. It utilizes a mixture of charts, tables and shrub screens to supply the user with a comprehensive summary of the contents of any hard diskdrive, folder, removable disk or network drive.

Xinorbis lets you analyse the contents of hard disks, SSD's, folders or network folders, USB drives, memory cards or other removable storage.
Xinorbis includes a strong report engine that's capable of producing different report types such as HTML, CSV, Text, HTML, Tree and XML.

Xinorbis stores a duplicate of its own scan findings from the Folder History archive. Adding a listing of the attributes of each folder and file from the scan.

Xinorbis comes equipped with a powerful search program, including functions and parameters to searching by file name, file size, time and date, type, file attributes and document owner.

  • Using Xinorbis you are able to analyse one drive, folder or mix many together in 1 report.
  • Find duplicate documents (either by size or name).
  • Conserve tables and reports for later comparison or for inclusion in other documents.
  • In-bullt strong search engine.

With Xinorbis it is simple to find the contents, arrangement, document distribution and document composition of an entire hard diskdrive, folder, or even a mapped network drive. Xinorbis supports easy integration with SQlite3 or ODBC because of its Folder History information archive.

Added: Much improved logging system, and many more logged events and details. Logs are found in <install>\logs.
Added: Czech language.
Added: Updater application now supports all Xinorbis languages.
Added: Updater application will warn if Xinorbis is running.
Added: "Scan" button now has separate translation text (useful for some languages).
Added: Summary tab now split in to scan data and drive data Fits nicer on small screens.
Added: X.Robot now available to everyone (I'm so kind) Free version doesn't have database support.
Added: Separate X.Robot changelog.
Fixed: Errors when processing file dates if there is errorneous data For instance if the modified year of a file is 24206.
Fixed: Progress display window is hidden when Xinorbis is minimised (this has been requested a few times).
Fixed: Report Browser window now translated
Fixed: Preferences->Optimisations "Add files to "date" tab" text issues running into edit box.
Fixed: Minor fixes to tutorial files.

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