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    Jul 26, 2018
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WeBuilder is a much quicker, more economical and more potent all-purpose code editor for all web developers. Clean interface, Fast startup, excellent flexibility and strong Attributes permit you to make and handle code composed in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, ASP, SSI, Perl and other languages quicker And simpler, while integrated tools allow you to validate, reuse, Navigate and deploy your code in an efficient and innovative way.

Key Features:

Integrated validation & debugging
Spell checker, W3 HTML and CSS validator, JSLint JavaScript checker, realtime PHP checker, xDebug PHP debugger

Powerful syntax highlighting
Supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, XML, ASP, ASP.Net, C#.Net, Perl, Python, Ruby, SQL, Apache and more

Full Unicode support
Supports UTF-8 with and without BOM as well as UTF-16

Code intelligence
Tons of intelligent code completion, navigation and suggestion features

HTML5 and CSS3 ready
Coding features are up-to-date with modern standards

Edit directly on your web server or publish local development copy updates with a single click

Smart code re-use
Code snippet library and code templates with assignable shortcuts

Search and replace
Quick search, detailed search, file search, regular expression support, detailed results and more

Fully-packed HTML & CSS editor
HTML & CSS editor with auto complete, inspector, code assistants and more

Fully-packed PHP editor
PHP editor with auto complete, syntax check, debugger, beautifier and more

Fully-packed JavaScript editor
JavaScript code editor with auto complete, language tools and more

Extra Fast
Loads much faster than any other code editor or IDE with similar features

- Active parameter detection with hints & short form PHP arrays
- ctrl + c / ctrl + v sometimes not detected
- sql browser form stealing shortcuts even when inactive

- Removed HTML comments from insert style block
- php pathinfo added to auto complete
- Bookmark preservation during Replace All
- Undo selection behavior for some operations
- Pre-filled fields during new snippet creation
- PHP tag highlighting behavior in cases where there is no closing tag

- "About" button for plugins
- Plugins, Count and Keys methods added to JSON object
- Drag and drop capability in Snippets panel

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