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VPSrobots is a very useful little program that's intended to assist you out of configuring and installing LAMP (Linux+Apache+Mysql+PHP) environment, or problems on creating a Wordpress site onto your own Linux VPS.

Additionally, it lets you construct a web site in seconds with a single click in your Linux VPS, also without having skilled server comprehension.

VPSrobots also enables you to move your site to your own Linux VPS from any hosting system effortlessly using a WP Transfer to VPS plugin. This tool allows you spend only couple of minutes to perform the task, and never spend a complete day. Besides, all of the folders and files equally on you PC and your Linux server can be handled and moved between each other via a sftp tool on VPSrobots customer! You could even compress and extract files and folders once you move them too.

In general, VPSrobots is an easy, yet convenient tool which may help save you a fantastic deal of time on server handling and sites building. It's lightweight and contains a tiny footprint.

Added a new module called Database (Beta) which allows you to create/drop databases, add/remove users and grant/edit privileges to users via the database interface.
The storage of Mysql root password has been moved to your local computer.

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