Tor Browser for Windows

Tor Browser for Windows

By : Torproject

( Freeware )

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Tor Browser for Windows  is a simple, well organized and effective tool for users. It continues to be designed to assist you maintain your privacy on the internet. This is sometimes beneficial for private usage and company use.It usually means that private data could be kept from prying eyes. ISPs, key loggers and other kinds of malware are unable to monitor your actions readily.

Distributed system of servers that it requires "onion routers". The interface permits you to toggle it off and on based upon if you will need anonymity on the internet. Tor Browser for Windows also allows you to pick from several proxy tunnels according to a world map which shows exactly where every is found.

Tor Browser for Windows is a Powerful browser for users that are worried about safety or invasions of solitude whilst they're online. The browser interface will be an ordinary, User-friendly affair and the program is comparatively lightweight.

All platforms:
- Update Firefox to 60.4.0esr
- Update Tor to
- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2q
- Update HTTPS Everywhere to 2018.10.31
- Update NoScript to 10.2.0
- Update Torbutton to 2.0.9:
- Bug 28540: Use new text for 2018 donation banner
- Bug 28515: Use en-US for english Torbutton strings

Translations update
- Bug 1623: Block protocol handler enumeration (backport of fix for #680300)
- Bug 25794: Disable pointer events
- Bug 28608: Disable background HTTP response throttling
- Bug 28185: Add smallerRichard to Tor Browser

- Bug 26381: about:tor page does not load on first start on Windows
- Bug 28657: Remove broken FTE bridge from Tor Browser

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