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A free password manager that may generate and handle passwords for additional online security. You have to login just once when you start your Web browser, subsequently SpeedyPassword will automatically log you in to every one your online accounts, including internet banking, email, and your societal networking accounts.
Encryption and cryptographic hashing to your own passwords and login information. This sort of encryption is that the conventional level utilized by banks and other associations, which depend upon maximum safety. Accordingly, utilizing SpeedyPassword, your passwords have been securely researched and kept in a vault, which nobody can get. The vault isn't saved on SpeedyPassword servers, however is situated on your computer.

SpeedyPassword Features

  • Auto-login.
  • Publish browser passwords easily.
  • Password protection.
  • Accounts generator.

SpeedyPassword is Not Just a password manager, however It's Also an Powerful password generator. SpeedyPassword quickly produces unique passwords utilizing a random mix of letters, numbers, and logos. The passwords which are generated with SpeedyPassword possess a high amount of entropy. This then assists in the struggle against offenders breaking up your passwords with all hacking programs.

In General, SpeedyPassword is also a convenient way to Eliminate the hassle of recalling passwords. Additionally, it protects you against identity theft, key-loggers hackers, and even cyber criminals.

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