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Sleipnir web browser designed to browse the net with many tabs available concurrently, rather than needing to navigate forward and backwards in one joint perspective. Sleipnir browser has eliminated the the URL bar that's ordinarily found at a browser's most important interface. There is, though, a little search box on the right-hand side of the small slim controls, which sits on the primary window. The design idea is extremely easy really; you're either browsing to already bookmarked sites, or you are navigating through searches.

Sleipnir Features

So as to browse the Net/Web, Sleipnir Shows a horizontally scrolling by rolling over every tab with your cursor, then you're shown the tab name and also the choice to close it. You could even drag tabs on one another, as a way to set them together.

For web searching, the moment you type in a topic, you're given results in the search engine of your choice (configurable in Preferences). By hitting tab, you may look up that identical word on Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia, or any website you desire.

Sleipnir does have a Couple of nice features tucked away, for example gesture A closed folder, use a square-esq shaped U, or you may reload a webpage by Drawing on a circle. All these do need a little more work, however in analyzing appeared to operate fairly well.

  • Support for HD Retina displays
  • Additional search services support
  • WebKit and OS X security
  • Sync bookmarks with iOS devices
  • WebKit base


- Adjusted the behavior of video playback by Media Foundation which updated Blink (Chrome / 71.0.3578.98)

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