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KiTTY is a branch from variant 0.63 of PuTTY, the telnet/SSH customer. The program has many technical characteristics such as the capability to include automatic passwordsand run automatic controls and you're able to run locally stored broadcasts on remote sessions, which is actually helpful.

KiTTY has a very Simple to Use GUI with respective session icons and config box. The program also includes a fantastic quality that protects you against inadvertent computer input.

  • Shortcuts for Stack control.
  • The session launcher.
  • URL links.
  • Portability.
  • Automatic logon script.

KiTTY has heaps of additional features such as automatic delivery, SSH Handler: Internet Explorer integration, pscp.exe and WinSCP integration, binary compression clipboard printing plus a few new command-line choices.

KiTTY also comes packed with bonus features like a concealed light Chat server along with a concealed text editor. Overall, a very useful customer

Bug fix:
Crash in portable mode when trying to remove a session already deleted (with windows explorer).
Pscp/plink integration with -2 parameter forced (SSH-2 Only).
In portable mode Default%20Settings session, is created on configuration box start only.
Parameter -auto_store_sshkey is modified to -auto-store-sshkey.
-nofiles option shows error message when no kitty.ini file present.
Shortcuts CTRL+SHIFT+ PLUS/MINUS works only once.
New feature:
New shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+0 to restore initial font size.
New "-edit filename" option to open a file into the embedded editor.
New readonly parameter to prevent any configuration file modification.
New compiler: MinGW 6.3.

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