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FreeFileSync is a free, open source folder comparison and synchronization program for Windows. FreeFileSync supplies you with a clean, simple to use and intuitive interface, which provides numerous attributes for synchronization functions.

  • Detect renamed and moved files and folders.
  • Automate sync for a batch job.
  • Discover conflicts and disperse deletions.
  • Use macros for recurring copies.
  • Optimal sync arrangement prevents disk space bottlenecks.
  • Access factor drive letters from volume title (USB sticks).
  • Duplicate NTFS extended features (compressed, encrypted, lean).

FreeFileSync also supports mobile installation onto USB memory sticks or external hard drives.

What's new in this version:

- Added FTP, SFTP, Google Drive support for Linux
- FreeFileSync Donation Edition available for Linux
- Compress file stream during Google Drive upload
- Navigate beyond access-denied parents in SFTP folder picker
- Fixed unexpected stream size error during FTP upload
- Support native recursive deletion for Google Drive
- Support native recursive deletion for MTP
- Deterministically save Google Drive state during exit
- Work around missing TMPDIR variable (Linux)
- Support SFTP servers returning large package sizes during folder reading
- Start with home path when using SFTP folder picker
- Aggregate device authentication prompts during comparison
- Clean up temp file after unexpected stream size error
- Work around FTP servers not supporting HELP command
- Support parsing path by volume name when volume is missing
- Parse and streamline Google Drive error messages
- Load next item after deleting from config history
- Avoid redundant Google Drive syncs after file/folder creation
- Avoid duplicate MTP item creation by multiple threads

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