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By : Juergen Riegel

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    Mac OS X 10.7 or later
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    Apr 10, 2018
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FreeCAD for Mac is a basic 3D CAD with advanced motion simulation capabilities. It's acceptable for everyone interested in studying 3D CAD and motion simulation for free before using more sophisticated packages. Educators, students, and engineers will find it ideal for the teaching and understanding of geometry, kinematics, dynamics, vibrations, mechanisms, linkages, cams, machine design, and mathematics.

FreeCAD for Mac makes it possible for users to create and manipulate assemblies, which are collections of components. The components are simple 3D solids, that may be connected by joints, constraints, contacts, motors, actuators, springs, dampers, forces, torques, or gravity. Both open and closed 3D loops are allowed. FreeCAD performs complete multibody dynamics analysis to the assembly to predict the motion according to Newton's Laws. Animation using the simulated data produces realistic dynamic behaviour of the machine.

Please note that it requires 64-bit processor.

Also available for Windows:

Download FreeCad (32-bit) for Windows version

Download FreeCad (64-bit) for Windows version

- [Merge request] Implement continuous integration for Mac OS X builds (blacey) resolved.

- [Bug] Undo in spreadsheet breaks alias linkage (eivindkvedalen) closed.

- [Bug] [v0.16] Stylesheets not packaged into Windows builds closed.

- [Bug] 0.16 Build rev 6395 Several display issues (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Sketcher sign issue with Expressions (eivindkvedalen) closed.

- [Bug] Window weirdness after changing constraint value in sketcher (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Part: Chamfer edges and fillet edges dialog does not "remember" the type (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] freecad-0.15.4671/src/Base/Handle.cpp:61: bad test ? (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Crash when selecting an item in Model Tree (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] FreeCAD Unable to Save Files Properly closed.

- [Bug] Crash on delete measurements (every time for me) (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Units not displaying correctly (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Application crash when modifying fillet (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] 0.15 and 0.16 Part Revolve ignores unit accuracy setting beyond 2 decimals (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Fillet radius assumes metric even after all preferences and defaults changed to english (wmayer) closed.

- [Feature] Path make Path Workbench translatable (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] FreeCAD v0.16 (development), Addons installer installs addons, but dialog hangs. (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] Spreadsheet::SheetObserver::slotChangedObject(const App::DocumentObject&, const App::Property&): Assertion `name != 0` (eivindkvedalen)


- [Feature] Trigonometric Functions in Sketch module closed.

- [Bug] Python: Environment Variable 'path' with mutated vowel (german: Umlaut [äöüß]) (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] FreeCAD crashes on selecting Mirrowed Part closed.

- [Bug] Crash systematic on the 10th sketch when employing a cavity. (eivindkvedalen) closed.

- [Bug] FreeCAD 0.16: Expressions accross files are not saved (eivindkvedalen) closed.

- [Bug] Crash when using mirror tool on items made with freecad prior to at least rev5808 (eivindkvedalen) closed.

- [Bug] Draft.scale causes segfault. (eivindkvedalen) closed.

- [Bug] error with ccx_2.9 closed.

- [Feature] Add link to the Help:Formatting page on the Editing page in the Wiki (yorik) closed.

- [Feature] Global parameters closed.

- [Bug] console autocomplete runs python properties (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] spreadsheet slows down when among several objects (eivindkvedalen) closed.

- [Bug] References to other spreadsheets only work with their original default names (eivindkvedalen) closed.

- [Bug] Ambiguous alias names (eivindkvedalen) closed.

- [Feature] 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator only works on self-build FreeCAD (ian.rees) closed.

- [Bug] Mesh Faces Not Conforming With Tessellation Settings (ian.rees) closed.

- [Bug] DXF output error problem with arcs (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] Arch Base sketch of walls is not placed in the current working plane (yorik) closed.

- [Feature] Arch improvements to axes (yorik) closed.


- [Feature] Arch make base walls independent from windows (yorik) closed.

- [Feature] Drawing::PythonFeatureView (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] When Measuring in the distance between two external geometry Freecad crashes (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Application terminates on attempt to change external geometry from a sketch (wmayer) closed.

- [Feature] Spreadsheet Allow to place a spreadsheet on a Drawing sheet (yorik) closed.

- [Feature] Draft Recode a DXF importer in C++ (yorik) closed.

- [Feature] Help menu (website/documentation/forum) does not open localized pages (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] DXF export not working (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] VRML exporter using invalid names closed.

- [Feature] unable to set value higher than 99.99 on Distance value in Part->Cross Sections (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] freecad fails to build with Boost 1.60.0 (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] FreeCAD 0.14.370x hangs when attempting to edit sketch containing ellipse (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] BRep File cannot be written (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Draft Clone of Sketch, selection of sketch mistakenly produces a Pad on the Draft Clone closed.

- [Bug] Draft: Problems in DXF export of Drawing pages (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] "Open recent" not saved until exit. (wmayer) closed.

- [Feature] Don't register recent files which can't be opened (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] FreeCAD can start only once (wmayer) closed.

- [Merge request] DXF Drawing Templates (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] For 32 px and 48 px the icons with a submenu in toolbars are not display at the good size. (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Building problem nad outdated README.linux it's not clear how to build FreeCAD (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] Analysis of FreeCAD by PVS-Studio static analyzer (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Only one Toolbar Separator (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Didnt work button Help (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] can not add parts and set constrains in active Assembly (ickby) closed.

- [Bug] can not add parts and set constrains in active Assembly (ickby) closed.

- [Feature] Add OpenCascade navigation style (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Intersection operation does not work (ickby) closed.

- [Feature] Arch Assembly object (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] Arch fix char encoding in IFC importer (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] FreeCAD crashes when the window is restored and a plot is shown (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] FreeCAD crash when I click on treeview (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Multple python versions in debian causing Python 2.6 (earlier Python version) linking and failing to install FreeCAD (wmayer) closed.

- [Feature] Revert to saved (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] Appdata screenshot link is incorrect (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] Crash with DIV/0 exception (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] Crash when exporting to OBJ from an imported STEP file (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] some ttf fonts make Draft.makeShapeString crash (wandererfan) closed.

- [Bug] FreeCADGui.export([object], "test.wrl") doesn't export object if it's not selected (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Sketch to Draft DWire Not Making Face (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] svg size different on import (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] Exporting to DAE from STEP import crashes on these files. (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] Silent uninstall blocks on MessageBox (wmayer) closed.

- [Feature] Support silent (de)installation using NSIS (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Buggy Placement dialog when using Euler angles (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Refresh Property Editor (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Files that have a dot in name do not get the extension (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Customised keyboard shortcuts: "D", "U" conflic (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Number of normals in exported VRML is wrong (wmayer) closed.

- [Feature] Add "Default" option in Preferences (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] problems with rendering an arc NAN (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] [Ctrl]+[Z] is buffered in a non-intuitive way, does not function in "edit mode" (wmayer) closed.

- [Feature] Preferences: set temp files directory (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Fails to load .FCStd file which contains many MultiByte-Char strings (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] the project file is not saved when the " /tmp " directory is full, but the user is not aware of it (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Subclassing Matrix silently fails (wmayer) closed.

- [Feature] Invalid sketch warning should allow to directly open sketch validation tool (wmayer) closed.

- [General] Typo in [^] (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Build failure on current (71be79e) master (wmayer) closed.

- [Patch] Allow *.py files in the Customize/Macros/Macro dropdown (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] remove the 2 now obsolete Pivy versions distributed with FreeCAD source code (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] can't extrude "R" like sketch to solid (jmaustpc) closed.

- [Feature] Proper support of units for all geometric primitives (wmayer) closed.

- [Feature] Can not open a FreeCAD project in FreeCAD by double-clicking the project file on Macintosh (wmayer) closed.

- [Feature] Arch allow to create a wall without baseline with the GUI (yorik) closed.

- [Feature] Kuka post processor (Jriegel) closed.

- [Bug] Draft Unable to offset arcs with numerical value (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] Arch edit mode of Space object doesn't work anymore (yorik) closed.

- [Feature] Draft Mirror tool (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] Crash when changing window hole depth in arch module (yorik) closed.

- [Feature] Draft Ability to subdivide a draft rectangle (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] Draft interference with freehand placement (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] can not import .csg file (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] Draft DraftGeomUtils.offsetWire() gives wrong results when wire contains arcs (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] Mirror Sketch error pops up "can't find property" (abdullah) closed.

- [Bug] Spreadsheet bugs (eivindkvedalen) closed.

- [Bug] Eigen2 support is deprecated in Eigen 3.2.x and it will be removed in Eigen 3.3. (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] Spreadsheet Tab button behaviour inconsistent (eivindkvedalen) closed.

- [Bug] Sphere Radius does not follow Units Preference (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Tangency (co-linear) constraint behavior is inconsistent and confusing. (abdullah) closed.

- [Bug] BoundBox.h doesn't work with 2D objects (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] QuantitySpinbox sets wrong sizeHint (ickby) closed.

- [Bug] Negative value nedded to increase sketchere contraint in positive direction (abdullah) closed.

- [Feature] Add ability to use variables and forumulas (abdullah) closed.

- [Bug] Python auto-completer crashes FreeCAD (Ubuntu Daily) (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] numpad edition for size, position failed (wmayer) closed.

- [Feature] Auto save function (wmayer) closed.

- [Feature] Support of themes (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] ascii codec cant decode byte 0xcf (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Incorrect document is activated when working with multiple parts/documents (wmayer) closed.

- [Feature] sketcher copy lines is not possible (abdullah) closed.

- [Bug] Commit e744114 (-Wall) introduces build error on openSUSE closed.

- [Bug] In 0.16 Rev 5432 (Git) Entering numbers is garbled, after first digit cursor jumps to end of field (yorik) closed.

- [Feature] Add units support to the editor of PropertyVector (yorik) closed.

- [Feature] Feature to generate NC code (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] Crash when adding a window to a wall (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] model refine corrupts solid with spherical edges. (tanderson69) closed.

- [Bug] Crash when deleting a connected line in the sketcher (abdullah) closed.

- [Feature] expose BRepExtrema_ShapeProximity to python (shoogen) closed.

- [Bug] Spreadsheet: Subtraction and Power Expression Parsing closed.

- [Bug] 0.16.5111 External Geometry Bug (abdullah) closed.

- [Feature] Add the possibility to refresh the Graph Dependency closed.

- [Feature] add hint whether registration for wiki is possible on login page (yorik) closed.

- [Patch] Error message trying to open/edit a spreadsheet from the Python console/script (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] Matrix4D add missing constructor body (wmayer) closed.

- [Bug] Part offset with fill option produces an invalid shape (tanderson69) closed.

- [Bug] fails to unite face when pad "up to face" is used. (tanderson69) closed.

- [Feature] PartsLibrary.FCMacro Thumbnails (yorik) closed.

- [Feature] Unicode Strings in Coin3D (yorik) closed.

- [Feature] Upgrade webapps (yorik) closed.

- [Bug] occ throws exception in model refine for spline surface. (tanderson69) closed.

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