Electra Coin (ECA) Wallet

Electra Coin (ECA) Wallet

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Electra COIN (ECA) is a strong community based coin traded at Coinscontrols.com and Coinsmarkets.com. ECA is a new coin in industry and is growing rapidly in prices with 30 Billion coins in total supply. ECA wallet for windows can be downloaded from filepill.

The Electra Blockchain

Using the Electra blockchain we have designed the currency ElectraCoin (ECA) that can be traded from one entity to another with invaluable features.

Ticker: ECA
Algorithm: NIST5
5 minute block times. 288 blocks per day
30,000,000,000 ECA in total ( Max Supply )
1,000,000,019 ECA pre-mined (less than 3.34% of the total).
Difficulty re-target: 15 minutes (every 3 blocks)
Block size: 1MB
Min Fee :0.001

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