Yummy FTP Pro for Mac

Yummy FTP Pro for Mac

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Yummy FTP Professional for Mac is also an simple to use, yet effective whether you have to move several files or even a couple thousand, program automatic copies, or do site upkeep, Yummy FTP Guru will manage it effortlessly.

Beautiful Retina User Interface
The User friendly, hi-definition Retina-display UI attributes Finder-like Hierarchal & pillar see document browsers, tasteful icons, toolbars, and Drag & drop during, all using a elegant dash of cartoons; a Design that hastens the extensive performance concealed inside, after Apple's doctrine of power in ease.

Turbo-charged Transfers
Yummy FTP Experts highly trained, multi-threaded, move engine attributes a Built-in 'turbo' mode that maintains several simultaneous Links into the host to increase the usage of bandwidth

Full protocol set - FTP/S + SFTP + WebDAV/S
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) that the Most Popular Internet file transfer Applied to their fullest scope, permitting for the very best performance Accessible (eg put user/group, make symlink, zip/unzip), and also quickest Speed of performance - not only transfers... what's quickly and responsive.

Automatic Reconnect & Resume
The Completely automatic reconnect and restart feature guarantees Yummy FTP Guru will Always finish the endeavor, whatever occurs, by reconnecting and Continuing broken transfers with no user interaction before the job Is completed. While other apps only show an error message, Yummy FTP Guru Takes appropriate actions dependent on the true material itself, which Means you do not need to baby-sit your transports : let the program do the work!

Bookmark Manager + Cloud Sync
A totally Fledged Bookmarks manager permits you arrange your Bookmarks in to Folders, make, rename, edit, delete and replicate them you can also Import the Favorites & Bookmarks out of the majority of other significant Mac FTP programs. Once setup you can manually sync with your FTP settings to each of the Macs you utilize together with the built in Dropbox, Google Drive along with iCloud Drive Bookmark sync service.

Advanced File & Directory Synchronisation Tools
Yummy FTP Guru has directory and file synchronisation coated : 2 way Mirroring, 1 way upgrading (Mac to Server or Server into Mac), scheduled Syncs to begin at a subsequent time or repeat every day, filtering to Exclude/include things with many different standards, or especially Exclude chosen items, even only a way to preview the result of a sync in advance.

Remote Editing & File Diff
A Built-in text editor enables quick edits of remote and local files Without departing Yummy FTP Guru, also for acute text, Easy integration with a large selection of popular text editors such as More, enables live remote editing of your site with your preferred editor. Additionally There's the capability to compare local and distant Files together with your preferred 'diff' utility program, for example Araxis Merge, Changes, like FileMerge, DeltaWalker or even Kaleidoscope, and exhibit the differences.

FTP Aliases
The Simplest, Speediest and slickest way to upload documents and folders! An FTP Alias may Have folders or files dropped on it from the Finder, or perhaps at the Dock, to incorporate these items with a predefined Bookmark and destination directory. Establishing an FTP Alias is just as easy as browsing into the upload Directory you need and then selecting 'Save FTP Alias'. It is really That simple! . . .What's longer, There's the Choice to Zip before Uploading and copying the remote URL into the clipboard ready for pasting!

OS Integration
A Really Great Mac Citizen : Total support for Quick Appearance with local and distant previews and Document icons, AppleScript-able and interrogate for automation, Total Display mode surfing, Bonjour anti config set up, FSEvents-driven neighborhood Store models, and much more.

Localized in 12 Languages
Yummy FTP Pro is available in the following languages : English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and with more to come.

Fixed truncation of some localised labels
Fixed tilde / home folder support for Shared user
Fixed WebDAV crash
Fixed WebDAV transfers with large file sizes

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