yEd (32-bit)

yEd (32-bit)

By : YWorks

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    Microsoft Windows Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
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    Aug 07, 2018
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YEd 32-bit is a powerful desktop application which may be utilized to quickly and efficiently create high-quality diagrams. Create diagrams , or import your outside information for evaluation. Automated design algorithms organize large data sets with only the press of a button. 


  • Interactive Hierarchical Design may be used to interactively design hierarchical or pseudo-hierarchical situations.
  • Hierarchical Design may be used to absolutely picture hierarchical or pseudo-hierarchical situations.
  • Orthogonal Design generates clear representations of complicated networks.
  • Organic Layout and Smart Organic Layout create clear representations of complicated diagrams such as ER-diagrams, UML diagrams and a lot more.
  • Organic Edge Router reroutes advantages in present drawings .
  • Orthogonal Edge Router can reroute borders in present drawings orthogonally.
  • Circular Design defines interconnected ring and star topologies perfectly.
  • Tree Design may be used to picture tree-like constructions in a number of various ways.
  • The tree design algorithms may also be used on charts which are almost similar trees.
  • A customizable office enables you to organize your device to your requirements
  • table-like property editors permit you to configure the graphic properties readily
  • Internationalization: yEd has been localized in English, German, and partly in Western
  • a complex print preview permits you to preview the printing outcomes (particularly helpful for poster-printing)
  • Sec Management: yEd recalls and oversees your preferences
  • Undoability service
  • Clipboard centre
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the majority of the purposes
  • Integrated support system
  • Complete support for your YGF document format. The native document format.
  • Complete support for your XML-based GraphML file format. GML is a favorite text-based graph file format.
  • Complete support for your XML-based GML graph file format. This is a version of the GML language which uses XML syntax.
  • Import of random XML files. An XSLT stylesheet has to be awarded that transforms the XML input to some legitimate GraphML.
  • Export into the SVG vector graphics file format. A vector graphics format used in any Windows program. Export large pictures as numerous graphics and HTML tables too supported!

- Fixed 'NoSuchMethodError: <init>' problems that prevented yEd from starting on some Windows machines.[Q&A 13631]
- Many bugfixes in yEd's layout algorithms

- The JREs that come with the Windows, macOS, and Linux installers have been updated to Java 10.0.2
- Additionally, Windows and Linux installers with embedded Java 8 runtime environments are available again for people experiencing problems with Java 10

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