WaveCut Audio Editor

WaveCut Audio Editor

By : AbyssMedia

( Shareware )

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    Microsoft Windows (All Versions)
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    Apr 04, 2018
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WaveCut Audio Editor is an improved variant of our absolutely free sound editor for Windows. With increased speed and multi-window port, it stayed all the exact same compact and simple to use.

Most fundamental operations performs immediately without causing any delay. We gathered suggestions from our customers for quite a while and have made countless developments in all parts of sound editing. Additionally, the editor supports considerably popular sound formats.

Dropped OptimFROG support.

Updated properties window.

Cursor returns to the start position after playback.

Progress window shows the name of the operation being performed.

Undo/Redo save the viewing range.

Fixed bug in Mute function.

Fixed bug in Normalize function.

Fixed several minor bugs.

Added automatic scrolling when selecting audio with mouse.

Added the ability to scroll audio from the keyboard.

Added the ability to select audio from keyboard (Shift+Arrow keys).

Updated MP3 encoder.

Updated WAV encoder.

32-bit Floating Point for internal audio processing.

Improved overall performance.

Improved waveform rendering.

Added more color settings.

Added more sampling rates.

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