Wavebox (32-bit)

Wavebox (32-bit)

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    Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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    Sep 18, 2018
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Wavebox 32-bit lets you bring all your web tools collectively for faster, smarter working. From net to desktop, in a single neatly packaged app! Linking your favorite web tools to Waveboxis super-easy, and most importantly have complete notification support. Wavebox is developed on top of technologies that you use everyday. It does this to manage all of the hard work that developers around the world have put into their projects and also to provide the most reliable stable experience to you once you use Wavebox. 

Crafted by the initial creators of this open-source WMail project. Wavebox is open-source and builds on the amazing achievements of WMail whilst adding support for many more tools and services. It's Wavebox, but your way. You can customise your notifications, just how your Tray icon looks, what to do with downloaded files, and much more. 

A new home for your web tools
Wavebox makes your webmail and internet communication tools feel right at home on your own desktop.

The best of the web, and much more
Wavebox keeps the best web features whilst adding great extras which you can't get online.

Love habit? Insert your personal extras
Wavebox is open-source on Github, so there is nothing stopping you changing it and creating even better!

You can build open-source Wavebox and tweak it to suit your requirements. If you think somebody else will find it helpful, start a pull-request so everybody can benefit!

Security & trust
What better testament is there to security than open-source applications? Get to determine the exact code that's running on your machine - no more security through obscurity! Wavebox is a great next generation web-desktop communication tools!


Supports extras
Extras provided by your favorite online tools, such as calendars, storage and task management, are supported.

Insert links
De-clutter your desktop with the addition of links to your favorite networks, such as business Intranet, Facebook and Newsfeeds.

Multiple accounts
Easily switch between your account, so no more waiting, alt-tabbing or losing your place involving screens.

Wavebox can 'sleep' any accounts and sit quietly in the background whilst still keeping you current on fresh notifications.

Cross stage
Works great on OSX, Windows & linux -there's no reason to type gmail.com into your browser again!

43+ Dictionaries
Use spellcheck on your native language with simultaneous hints and corrections in numerous languages.

Keyboard shortcuts
Supports all of your current keyboard shortcuts. No need to learn anything new or use new alien mixtures.

Quietly hidden
Wavebox provides you the option to escape your way, and allows you to select what (if any) UI you want to see.

Additions, Enhancements and Updates:
- Auto-scroll sidebar when dragging items around
- Dependency updates
- Change the default notification provider on macOS
- Add some helper tools to the account settings to suggest common services to add
- Improve responsiveness of Trello badges and notifications
- Always switch back to the last used service, even after the current 5 min timeout
- UI Tweaks

- Fix Grammarly sign-in links not working from popout
- Fix issue that would see slack DM notifications appear when the conversation was opened and focused
- Ensure permission requests are propagated to the content windowsFixes Hangouts video call not working.
- Fix issue on macOS where the dock icon is configured to hide, but would re-appear when opening the tray
- Fix glitch that wouldn't allow a sidebar service to be more than 500px tall
- Fix issue that would scroll the sidebar on Linux when scrolling to the end of a page
- Capture more error states on Microsoft accounts and propagate as an error state on the account
- Fix issue that would see accounts ordered incorrectly
- Fix edge case where the app is not accessible when the tray is disabled and start minimized is true (Windows and Linux)

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