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    Mar 02, 2018
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Are you trying to find a compact tool for computing and shooting videos? Nicely, VirtualDub is the selection.

(Batch-)Procedure your AVI files, use video filters and song in to codecs to acquire top quality success.


  • Access most Video for Windows compatible apparatus.
  • Free frame speed definition.
  • Provides disk accessibility for much more constant hard disk utilization.
  • Produce AVI2 (OpenDML) documents to split up the AVI 2GB barrier)
  • Integrated volume meter along with histogram for input tracking.
  • Real-time downsizing, sound reduction, and discipline swapping.
  • Verbose tracking, such as compression degrees, CPU use, and free disk space.
  • Access concealed video formats that your capture card can help but not have a feeling for, for example 352x480.
  • Computer keyboard and mouse shortcuts for even quicker performance.
  • Sterile interface design: caption, menu bar, data panel, standing bar.

Processing Attributes:

  • Eliminate and replace sound tracks without even touching the movie.
  • Eliminate sections of a movie clip and then save the remainder without recompressing.
  • Fix frame speed, decimate eyeglasses, and 3:2 pulldown removal.
  • Preview the outcomes together with live sound.

Features added
ExtEnc: Added %(outputbasename) to insert output filename without extension.
ExtEnc: Editor UI now has a drop-down for tokens.
Filters: Expanded color space support in resize filter.
Preview: Return now also stops preview.
Bugs fixed]
AVI: Added Copy button to AVI file information dialog.
AVI: Fixed bitsPerPixel value for NV12 output.
Capture: Improved error handling in screen capture module.
Capture: Fixed sporadic errors in DXGI 1.2 screen capture mode related to tracking pointer shape changes.
Capture: Spill drives can be adjusted on Windows XP.
Display: Fixed regression in D3D effects display mode.
ExtEnc: Fixed weird selection behavior when duplicating item.
Filters: Fixed script operation for Convert Format filter for the new modes.
Filters: Fixed crash when attempting to crop video in a format that isn't AVI-compatible.
Filters: Fixed cropping errors on alias format filter.
Filters: Fixed issues with interpolate filter in nearest mode.
GIF: Fixed shifted presentation timings when reading animated GIFs.
Render: The processing priority setting now correctly adjusts the priority of filter and compression worker threads too when multithreading is enabled.
TARGA: Fixed vertical inversion issues during read.
UI: Add Windows 8.1 per-monitor DPI awareness support.

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