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    1.23 Hotfix 2
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    Microsoft Windows (All Versions)
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    Dec 20, 2018
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VeraCrypt is actually a superb tool to ascertain and maintain a on-the-fly-encrypted volume. Onthefly encryption implies that data is encrypted directly before it's stored and encoded shortly after it's packed, with no user intervention. This really is a really secure means of data encryption because any data which can be stored on an encrypted volume can't be read (decrypted) without having the suitable password/keyfile(s) or appropriate security keys. The full filesystem will be encrypted (e.g. filenames, folder titles, contents of every single file, free distance(meta info, and so forth) to provide you just as much security as you possibly can.

Key attributes include:

  • Effortless to use port.
  • Light Weight.
  • Improved safety.

VeraCrypt is really a absolutely free disc encryption program predicated on TrueCrypt 7.1a. It adds enhanced security on the calculations utilized for system and walls encryption rendering it resistant to fresh advancements in bruteforce strikes. VeraCrypt was specially made to provide you better security with all the data that you need to detach. It's relatively light weight, and it has an user friendly interface.

- Fix low severity vulnerability inherited from TrueCrypt that allowed reading 3 bytes of kernel stack memory (with a rare possibility of 25 additional bytes)
- Disable quick format when creating file containers from command line. Add /quick switch to enable it in this case if needed
- Add /nosizecheck switch to disable checking container size against available free space during its creation. This enables to workaround a bug in Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS)

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