Tribler (64-bit)

Tribler (64-bit)

By : Tribler Team

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    Microsoft Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
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    Feb 01, 2019
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Tribler utilizes Tor-propelled onion directing to look and download deluges with less stresses or restriction. Tribler is a social network that encourages filesharing through a distributed (p2p) arrange. At the point when the Tribler application program is begun it will consequently begin looking different clients that have Tribler running on their PC. At the point when an association is built up it begins trading data. First it trades individual data, (for example, your symbol picture, your companions list, download history, and so on.) and data about records that are accessible in the system. These records can be close to home, shared documents, yet additionally records that one has gotten from someone else. 

The data about the found records and people is accessible in the Tribler program. By perusing through the documents and people every client can discover their prefered records and clients. The Tribler program encourages you by giving additional data about every thing (regardless of whether it is a record or an individual) and furthermore demonstrates what different clients consider it. When you discover an individual you like you can include him as a companion. An intriguing document can be downloaded and will be accessible in your library. When you press download your PC will make a stock of which PCs really have this record (or a piece of it) and after that will download the parts from the diverse PCs. 

What makes Tribler not quite the same as others? 

Tribler is produced at the Delft University of Technology and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Crucial research to arrange innovation, P2P systems, video spilling, client cooperation causes us to coordinate cutting edge ability into our product. We go for an open source, completely decentralized shared system, accessible for everyone, in all aspects of the world.

- Improved the logic for credit mining by deploying a multi-level investment policy
- Added an option to sort torrent files in the user interface
- Added the ability to record historical transactions in the market
- Added logging of the state directory that Tribler is using
- Addressed various security issues in the decentralized market implementation
- Removed the pymdht module and use our own DHT implementation instead
- Fixed an issue where Tribler attempts to send bytes over an already closed circuit
- Fixed an issue that prevents circuits from being recreated
- Fixed various issues and crashes in the decentralized market
- Fixed various issues related to VLC bundling on macOS
- Fixed a crash when changing the anonymity of a specific download
- Fixed a crash when starting a download
- Fixed a crash when subscribing to a channel
- Fixed a crash when an invalid bloomfilter is being transmitted to others
- Fixed an error during the database shutdown when closing Tribler
- Fixed a crash when libtorrent sessions are not available
- Slightly changed the presentation of the token balance in the user interface
- Fixed a crash during video-on-demand playback
- Fixed a crash when receiving a libtorrent alert
- Fixed an issue when excluding specific files during a download
- Fixed multiple issues when creating a new order in the decentralized market
- Fixed a crash with the key/value database
- Fixed a crash when parsing a malformed remote search query

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