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Download and test it now. Tinderbox shops and organizes your notes, strategies, and thoughts. It makes it possible for you to analyze and comprehend them. And now Tinderbox is still a strong but private content assistant that assists you to discuss your notes throughout the cloud and on the internet.


Tinderbox Six fully refreshes Tinderbox tech. Every aspect of Tinderbox was rewritten, elegant, and re-imagined. From its stunning brand new maps and maps into the crisp design of Tinderbox text, then what's new and fresh.

Tinderbox maps your own notes because you create them. Build relationships with organizing notes, coordinating them with colour and colour, and connecting them. Tinderbox allows you to capture ideas immediately and keep them where you are going to locate them again once you want them.

Tinderbox's timeline perspective generates awesome, interactive diagrams to rebuild events and strategy projects.

Tinderbox offers you maps, timelines, graphs, outlines, and much more -- and you will have lots of views open simultaneously. A notice is like its model -- except once you have said it is different. Change the model, and the shift is inherited immediately. Characteristic browser tabs supply you with some cross-section of your job or of selected parts, broken down by the type of your choice.

Tinderbox brokers scan your notes consistently, hunting for notes that satisfy your requirements. Agents may search for jobs that are late, or notes that you want to finish, or themes which you find particularly intriguing. Tinderbox to Mac can automatically upgrade notes on the world wide web.

Tinderbox handles tens of thousands of notes easily, also Tinderbox is quickly. Wish to generate a note? Just kind! Wish to edit a notice? Click here. Need to look? Tinderbox begins searching for the response after you begin typing, and frequently finds your response before you complete.

Together with Tinderbox, your info is yours. Tinderbox documents are XML, also Tinderbox can produce HTML, XML, RSS, OPML, and much more. Tinderbox shares notes together with Simplenote for Internet and iPhone accessibility. What's stored on your computer: you are not dependent upon a remote server. Write anytimeon planes, at cafés, in your home or off.

Tinderbox is a profound program with an friendly and active user community. The Tinderbox Forum along with Tinderbox Wiki host ongoing tutorials and discussions. Tinderbox evenings -- held across the united states and Europe -- attract Tinderbox users with each other to share thoughts and to research Tinderbox together with the programmers in person. Program notes and case studies investigate applications of Tinderbox in Forensic Psychiatry to composing musical humor. You are able to arrange personal Tinderbox training to you and your staff.

Tinderbox is private. It works how that you need, and adjusts gracefully as your needs change. It is small and nimble, and which means you're able to begin straight away, but it has got the energy you will want to deal with all of your notes. Your Tinderbox agents operate to keep things organized. A rich record of opinions -- charts, maps, charts, and much more -- keeps you in contact with your info. Work how that you desire.

Force directed layout:
In map view, View ▸ Arrange ▸ Dance (⇧⌘-D) initiates an automated layout of the view based on a physical simulation
Each link among notes in the map is treated as a spring that pulls linked notes togethe
All notes exert a gravitation attraction for other notes
Notes that overlap repel each other
At the beginning of the simulation, each note is subject to a random force, much as if it were heated. This force is reduced progressively over time. This process, known as simulated annealing, helps the simulation from getting tangled up in local minima
Dancing automatically stops when a note is dragged or the selection is change. Dancing also stops when they layout ceases to change significantly
Not all maps will benefit from automatic layout; the famously tangled map of Mary-Kim Arnold’s “Lust”, for example, does not. Performance may be unsatisfactory in maps with more than a few dozen notes. Nonetheless, this may prove useful in many cases

One common Tinderbox task is qualitative analysis of existing materials, such as letters, surveys, diaries, and personal papers. An important preliminary step in this work is coding —identifying occurrences of special interest for the study. For example, if we were analyzing a collection of nineteenth-century diaries to study what people recorded about food and drink, we might want to code where the food was consumed. We might mark every passage that discussed eating at home with the code P1, eating at the residence of another family member with the code P2, eating at a pub with P3, and so forth. We might also note places where money is discussed: C1 might indicate that the writer paid for their meal, C2 that someone else explicitly paid for the writer’s meal, and so forth
Flags offer a convenient and flexible way to foreground selected codes in map view. $Flags is a new set attribute; when not empty, small “flags” are displayed above the note in map view. (Flags do not appear in other views)
For simple coding tasks, using $Badge may be adequate. Flags provide a wider range of visual cues, and new flags can be improvised quickly when coding needs change
Note that $Flags is a list attribute
Flags are described using a concise textual shorthand

Chart view:
The chart view has been rewritten and greatly improved
Chart View now has its own options popover, accessible by clicking the Info button ⓘ on the chart view’s tab. The popover allows you to change the chart style and adjust the width and spacing of chart items. Most significantly, you can now choose either a left-to-right or top-to-bottom arrangement of the chart
- Subtitles now appear in chart view

Natural language processing:
The text of notes is now scanned to extract information that might be useful for agents. These results include:
$NLNames: a set of personal names found in the text
$NLOrganizations: a set of the names of organizations found in the text
$NLPlaces: a set of place names found in the text
These attributes (“NL” is short for “natural language”) are part of the new “AI” attribute category
Note that these values are extracted automatically and are subject to a variety of errors. Values are extracted asynchronously after a note has been edited; they won’t automatically be extracted from existing notes.

Get Info: Repetition offers insight into words that are used repeatedly in the selected notes, sections, or in the entire document. Consistent usage may be needful or desirable, of course, but noting repetition can call attention to opportunities to adopt more precise language. The pane lists words that occur between 2-10 times; words that appear more frequently are not listed. Tinderbox also omits all words with fewer than four characters, that appear in the built-in stoplist of 100 common English words, or that appear in the note named stoplist if one exists. The indexing process tries to treat words derived from a common stem as repetitions, so plurals and verb conjugations are often handled intelligently

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