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    Apr 02, 2018
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Thilmera7 is a little program that's intended to assist you maintain a close watch on your system functionality, by tracking a variety of elements of your computer's hardware settings.

Thilmera7's most important window shows all of the principal functions of your PC. The default settings may be somewhat difficult on the eyes, but it may be customized concerning window size, exhibited font, colours and design to produce the program simpler to utilize. The capability to issue hotkey controls, which may toggle or eliminate many datasets from the main window will be a fantastic customizable attribute. Should you have some problems configuring Thilmera7, then it will include a wizard that will assist you along.

In general, Thilmera7 is fine at what's does; showing you all of the major part information of your own system, in real time. The drawback is that the clunky interface. But if you would like to devote time trying to tweak it, then it's is not that difficult to utilize. There are a number of other system monitoring programs on the marketplace which do as nicely, but are somewhat easier to browse.

Fixed When mouse over is hidden while using Sound Analyzer, the size is changed and it flashes.
Fixed The network adapter name is cut off.
Fixed Motherboard information is not loaded correctly.
Fixed the problem that dot font specification becomes invalid when Fixed is off.
Changed some Intel CPUs to exclude those whose clock magnification is 255 from the average.
Added icon display function to top process system and real time report.
If you do not want to display in the top process, turn off the process> icon.
Changed to use alphabetic characters from memory cached contents even when using OS font.
Fixed a problem that characters are missing when OS fonts are used and started in a minimized state.
Fixed the problem that decimal point of kilometer display of drive information becomes 0.
Fixed the problem of color theme switching was not applied successfully.
Fixed there was a problem with the CPU reference of the icon graph, and the display was incorrect.
Fixed the problem that the "OVER LANG LINES" message appears due to a problem in display language processing has been fixed.
Mouseover Opaque and changed so that window movement does not occur when mouse transmission is on.
Fixed a bug that the background color was not switched by layered use.
Add an option to minimize right-clicking and make it temporary until the cursor is outside the window after minimization.
Reduction of load due to almost all drawing calculation off when minimized or not displayed. (About 40% load reduction)
Added cumulative disk I / O to the top process.
Responding to the problem that the disk I / O speed of the System process can not be taken.
In the real-time report, changed to automatically adjust the window width when using a large font.
Mainly a lot of code adjustment to 64bit and Unicode conversion of counters. Response to different language environments Part 2.
Changed the source of data because the core number of CPU information reports may be incorrect in recent CPUs.
Fixed a problem that the channel becomes silent when Channel Analyzer Channel is off and CH Graph is turned on.
Reset PEAK of the bar from the 5 second cycle as a whole to the specified number of seconds from each peak.
In Disk IO, adopt the display of% disk time, the highest value of the whole and each logical drive unit, and what is Changed to display drive or most used.
Add real-time CPU clock compatible CPU. However, unconfirmed> Intel i7 series 5xxx 6xxx 7xxx. Not at the moment> AMD Ryzen.
Because of the reduction in file size, coping with the problem that it is always erroneously detected by something like security software such as Avast.

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