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TheBrain for Mac (previously PersonalBrain) generates an electronic house for mind. 

Work More Efficiently

  • Interacts with your Present documents and applications
  • Locates data quicker and easier
  • Removes the confusion of documents and folders
  • Reduces insignificant data
  • Creates networks of data effortlessly

Navigate More Immediately

  • Immediate search requires you to the Ideal information instantly
  • Organizes documents and web pages by idea and concept
  • Beyond thought list enables you to backtrack and view that your train of thought

Watch and do more with electronic believing
Where can you truly go in your own personal computer now to hash out a fresh notion, present event, or enlarge your aims in a meaningful manner? TheBrain enables you to digitize your head so that you can literally see that your believing and develop your thoughts. All your Ideas comes to life onscreen together with connections to other associated Ideas, developing a context for action and thinking.

Integrate All of Your data in 1 location
Your Brain can save an infinite amount of a variety of advice. Write notes to all your thoughts. Save documents, webpages, pictures and even mails into TheBrain to get immediate access. 

Access All of Your stuff anywhere
Your electronic Brain functions across multiple computers and platforms and can be dispersed across multiple servers. Access your Brain in TheBrain desktop applications, an Internet browser, as well as your mobile device. 

Find anything immediately
Activate any thought or document in seconds. TheBrain not merely brings up the ideal idea but allows you to view how it relates to what else... so you're ready for whatever. As a consequence, that you may change contexts quickly and find an instantaneous visual briefing by seeing related topics.

Strong file management
Proceed beyond linear file hierarchies and arrange files how you believe - under multiple classes or projects. Whatever could be connected to anything. Track and save a number of variations, add notes and label files with priorities. 

Capture the big picture in your data
TheBrain enables you to see how your thoughts and data are all linked. Use strong visualization to find information that would ordinarily be overlooked, create links and gain new comprehension of your content and projects.

New features:
Copy/move attachment out of Brain improvements: remember location, make new folder option

macOS: Color of text for default button should be white
Untagged/excluding tags report does not work when there are many tagged thoughts Possible exception when drawing sync icon animation
Setting private status via selection allows changing home thought
Decomposed unicode file names can cause error when folder contents are checked for changes

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