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TextMate for Mac

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    2.0 RC 10
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    Mac OS X 10.5 or later
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    Jun 13, 2018
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Whether you're a developer or a designer, the creation of code and markup is tough work. Without an editor dedicated to this endeavor, it's also often awkward, overwhelming, and insistent. Particularly when you're managing a great deal of documents at once -- just like most jobs do. TextMate puts you in control, reduces the mental overhead, and turns direct work into something that the computer does. 

Made by a cupboard UNIX geek who had been enticed into the Mac platform with its simplicity of use and sophistication, TextMate for Mac was known as the culmination of Emacs and OS X, and it has led to countless requests for a Windows and Linux interface, however TextMatestays exclusive to the Mac, and that's the way we enjoy it! 

TextMate for Mac isn't an IDE but with its strong snippets, macros, and one of a kind scoping system, it may frequently provide attributes that a language special IDE lacks. It's enough job management features to keep most users happy, but is otherwise retained lightweight using a clean and glossy GUI. 


  • Capability to Search and Replace at a Job
  • Auto-Indent for Frequent Activities Like Pasting Text
  • Auto-Pairing of Brackets and Other Characters
  • Clipboard Background
  • Column Selections and Column Typing
  • Conclusion of sayings from Present Document
  • CSS-like Selectors to Pinpoint the Reach of Actions and Preferences
  • Declarative Language Grammars for Graceful Mixing and Pairing
  • Dynamic Outline for Working With Multiple Documents
  • Expand Trigger Words to Code Blocks With Tab-able Placeholders
  • Document Tabs When Working With Projects
  • Foldable Code Blocks
  • Function Pop-up for Quick Overview and Navigation
  • Plug-able Throughout Your Favorite Scripting Language
  • Recordable Macros Without Programming Required
  • Regular Expression Search and Replace (grep)
  • Run Shell Commands from Within a Document
  • Support for Darcs, Perforce, SVK, along with Subversion
  • Support for over 50 Languages
  • Switch Between Documents in Projects Using a Minimum of Important Strokes
  • Themable Syntax Highlight Colors
  • Visual Bookmarks to Jump Between Places at a Document
  • Works As External Editor for (s)ftp Apps
  • Works With Xcode and Can Construct Xcode Projects

Notice : 30 days trial version.

It is now possible to scroll project/folder search results horizontally
Fixed misclassification of file encoding for documents saved with TextEdit
Fixed potential deadlock when using ⇧⌘T just after loading a new document
Fixed an issue where setting a mark (in the gutter) via `mate` could cause TextMate to crash

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