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    Open Source
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    Microsoft Windows (All Versions)
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    Jun 26, 2018
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It can emulate various kinds of computer terminals, from DEC VT100 into DEC VT382, also it supports telnet, SSH 2 & 1 and serial port connections. Additionally, it has an integrated macro scripting language along with a few other helpful plugins.


  • Automatically generates clips with exceptional log titles.
  • Supports dec/digital/vt terminal criteria.

Tera Term is a helpful application, which permits the connection to some remote Telnet or SSH hosts. It sports a clean and sharp design that's simple to use. The program doesn't require a very long time to wrap your mind around and is also very light on system resources. Consequently, should you want a free terminal emulator, which is not difficult to master and also supports remote Telnet or SSH host links afterward Tera Term is a fantastic option.

Added support for the DECSACE control sequence.
Default affected area of DECCARA and DECRARA control sequence is changed to stream. 
Improved the behavior of window resizing.
Accept service name instead of the port number on the command line option.
Added the /SPEED= command line option which behavior is same as the /BAUDE= command line option.
Added the setspeed command. 
Bug fixes:
When the mouse tracking is enabled, the menu can not be selected after clicking the screen.
The target area of the DECCARA (Change Attributes in Rectangular Area) and DECRARA (Reverse Attributes in Rectangular Area) control sequence is invalid.
The DECCARA control sequence breaks kanji character.
The DECCARA control sequence breaks the color of cells. 
Upgraded TTSSH to 2.85.
Upgraded Oniguruma to 6.8.2.

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