Syncovery (32-bit)

Syncovery (32-bit)

By : Super Flexible Software

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Syncovery will replicate your documents how you want it. It's advised for both private and corporate users. Read the numerous attributes and download Syncovery today!


  • Synchronizes Documents and complete folder structures in various places, like a PC and a notebook. 64-bit I/O helps to ensure that files dimensions higher than 4GB are supported.
  • Save whole sets of alternative settings as Profiles, together with immediate access to all stored settings. You may also Run Multiple Profiles with a single control.
  • Detect Moved Documents. Should you reorganized your folders by transferring files to various places, the Super Flexible File Synchronizer will discover this and immediately execute the very same moves, as an instance, in your own laptop. No extraneous replicating! Schedule the synchronization of your information on a backup hard disk in a convenient time every day or as often as you desire. If some files can't be replicated because of additional applications accessing these records, the synchronizer will keep on copying the residual files, then retry those files which were secured, until all documents have been copied successfully. A limitation for your time spent on retries may be given.
  • Maintain Multiple Backup Versions Of Every Document (optional) This attribute does not overwrite the backup files but renames themuntil a selectable number of different backup versions is attained. You may also specify where to place these old backup versions (at precisely the exact same folder as the first, or within a subfolder thereof, or even within only 1 subfolder for the comprehensive profile). A distinctive technique prevents any data corruption when copying database files, such as SQL server database documents. The synchronizer will wait with all the copying until it's completely exclusive access to this document. During the copying process, the database will not be able to work together with the document. Thus, a requirement for using this application for a backup tool for database files is they are sometimes not used (as an instance, at night). This is a relatively distinctive feature because most apps will permanently replace old versions of a document. Utilizing Super Flexible File Synchronizer, you'll have a possibility of regaining files that are uninstalled if you pick the right alternatives. processed. Even in the event that you specify redundant document masks, then there'll not be any odd side effects.
  • Select Base Folder Things. Wish to synchronize just a few folders? No need for different runs for every folder. Just specify the foundation folder containing these folders, then select"Only Selected Items From Base Folders...".
  • Minimize Load Utilizing Obsolete File Folders. If you sometimes move obsolete files into a specially designated folder, then this normally causes trouble with conventional file synchronizers. They'll replicate the obsolete files straight out of the notebook into the folders in which you moved them from. No more! If you apply the Select Base Folder Things option explained above, you can set a grayed checkmark beside every folder for files that are outdated. These records are then considered for transferring files , but maybe not for copying out files. Therefore, the synchronizer does exactly the exact same transferring of obsolete files in your notebook that you did on the PC, however it doesn't waste any time copying most of obsolete files between the two machines.
  • No Longer Trouble With Daylight Savings Time Since accurate 1-hour time differences could be dismissed if the file size fits, you won't have any more issues in the event the file systems of 2 computers are off by one hour. If that is true only for a few documents, fine! The ignoring of this counter is accomplished in a flexible manner instead of adding a fixed amount to the hours one side. You only make more space and request the software to keep copying. It may pause right in the center of a document until further space is freed. In this manner, no questions are asked. It's possible to specify beforehand which types of documents might be overwritten.
  • Optionally Produce Specific Mirrors. If wanted, you may optionally make an specific mirror of your information, even though this means that some documents have been deleted or replaced with old documents.

Note: 30 days trial version.

- Adds an optional browser based GUI. Enable it from the Cloud tab sheet of the Program Settings dialog
- Fixes a problem where the progress and/or run times were not updated in the GUI if your machine is in a timezone to the west of UTC

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