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SuperDuper! for Mac

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SuperDuper for Mac is the most acclaimed program which produces recovery painless, as it makes creating a fully bootable backup painless. It is the ideal match to Time Machine, letting you keep a bootable backup along with your Time Machine quantity--and it works beautifully in your Mac!

SuperDuper's interface supports all of your activities in simple, clear language to make certain the final result is just what you planned. Have a look, and click on for further screen shots!

It may, of course, create a complete backup, or "clone" -- in minutes, you are able to fully duplicate your boot drive to another drive, partition, or image file. In even less time, you are able to upgrade an current clone with the most recent information: use Smart Update and, minutes later, your backup is totally current!

SuperDuper is not only the most effective cloner accessible: it is incredibly fast, also. Its Smart Update feature assesses thousands and thousands of directories and files in only minutes, upgrading your copy to reflect any modifications you have made on the drive -- such as custom icons, HFS+ characteristics, possession changes... the works! 

SuperDuper for Mac includes preconfigured, ready to execute all the most frequent copying and cloning jobs. We have pored over the Apple documentation so that you don't need to. Each step along the procedure carefully follows all of Apple urged policies and processes.

Regular backups are not necessarily the best approach to recuperate to your risk takers out there who jump on each software upgrade. If you don't take specific measures, totally restoring a copy deletes all on the drive, overwriting both user and system files. If that is what you would like to do, good. However, it generally is not, because everything you have done since the copy would be missing!

- Automatic Wake for scheduled copies. No matter how many schedules you may have, and no matter how complex the number of events, SuperDuper! will automatically wake the system before it’s time for the copy to start, eliminating the need to set one manually (and allowing more than one time, since you can only have a single wake in the Energy Saver preference pane).
- Smart Delete improvements for extremely full drives

Bug Fixes:
- Works around problems with various unsigned SATSMART drivers, distributed with many SSDs and DriveDX, that weren’t fully Mojave compatible and caused errors in Disk Utility

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