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SugarSync for Mac

By : SugarSync, Inc

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SugarSync users can sync songs, videos, pictures and other files from ANY folder and access and discuss these records throughout the cloud, providing a Cloud support that matches how individuals now organize their relations and manage their digital lives. SugarSync's record sharing and collaboration tools also allow users to go over any folder or file with a very easy URL via social networks, email, instant messaging and a lot more.

SugarSync for Mac supplies 5GB applications free of price, and paid apps for larger storage demands. All of SugarSync's mobile programs are totally free to download, also. Earn 500MB extra FREE for each and every referral to SugarSync.

Strong and Simple
Sync only a few sync or folders all your folders. Just right click on any folder to incorporate it in to SugarSync. Start editing a record in your office PC and finish it at home in your home Mac.

When it is to collaborate on class projects, distribute view-only files, or merely post links to documents on the internet, you have complete control over how you share your files. Invite certain people to get your files and command if they can just see them or edit them too. Don't need to limit accessibility? Create a people today link so that anyone with the link can view your files.

Edit a record and it's instantly updated so you'll see the latest version whenever you're back in your workplace or in your property.

SugarSync Manager 3.9.6
flows for marketing opt ins added during account creation
Show when caps lock is on when creating or entering password
Orphan files can be managed in the Deleted Items tab
Cleaned up Windows installation files
Fixed an issue preventing total size of Deleted Items not showing for some users
Fixed an issue with MacOS users being asked to create a new workspace
Fixed an issue with MacOS crashing when a user quit SugarSync

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