SQLyog Community Edition

SQLyog Community Edition

By : Webyog Softworks

( Open Source )

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SQLyog Community Edition is the best database administration instrument for Windows PC we have ever utilized. It's anything but difficult to utilize, reinforcements are simple and quick. The question manufacturer makes life significantly less demanding. The most total and simple to utilize MySQL GUI! Apply outline and information changes outwardly while moving from test to generation. Repeat information intermittently at planned interims utilizing superfast checksum based calculation. Guide access to MySQL blocked? Compelled to utilize burdensome phpMyAdmin? SQLyog Community Edition has you secured. Ground-breaking reinforcement wizard with a single tick reinforcement choice and capacity to plan reinforcements easily. Streamline information exchange/relocation from any ODBC consistent information source to MySQL. 


  • Mysql 5.X perfect 
  • Make/drop/modify tables, put away methods, capacities, perspectives, triggers and occasions. 
  • Http and ssh burrowing - cleverly deal with your mysql server regardless of whether the mysql port is blocked or remote access to mysql is refused! 
  • Ensure your information with ssl encryption 
  • Savvy autocomplete 
  • Configurations sql articulations 
  • Proactive question profiler 
  • Most loved director to flawlessly sort out your most loved sql proclamations 
  • Fast recovery of information 
  • Propelled gui question developer. Backings joins, total and in addition 'normal' capacities, arranging (arrange by) and sifting (where and having) and false name. 
  • Sqlyog import outer information wizard - utilize the gui or determine a question 
  • Composition and information synchronization devices 
  • Intense packed booked reinforcement with email notice 
  • Timetable different occupations 
  • Sql scheduler and detailing device - execute unattended questions for database maintainence of information confirmation with adaptable email choice 
  • Refresh result came back from inquiry - additionally underpins questions with joins. No discoursed - simply alter! 
  • Oversee remote key connections 
  • Completely innodb consistent 
  • Backings mysql pluggable capacity motors engineering 
  • Multi-strung inquiry execution with alternative to permit different question execution all the while 
  • View your outcomes in lattice/content mode 
  • Channel information and resultsets specifically frame the setting menu of a showed esteem 
  • Execute (vast) sql-contents as clump documents 
  • Execute various inquiries returning more than 1000s of lines for every resultset. Its extremely effective in memory. 
  • Extremely minimal paired 
  • Composed completely in c/c++/win32 apis utilizing local mysql c apis. No wrapper classes utilized. 
  • Association chief 
  • Exceed expectations like lattice interface to make/change tables 
  • View and alter propelled table-properties, for example, remark, key_length and so on. 
  • Do table-diagnostics (check, advance, repair, break down) 
  • Copy tables to new table-names 
  • Exceed expectations like matrix interface to alter information with help for enum/set 
  • Make/drop databases 
  • Oversee files 
  • Far reaching client/security chief. Control each accessible benefit on what level you like (server/database/table/segment). 
  • Reorder segments of table 
  • Duplicate database between two mysql has 
  • Drop all tables of a database with a solitary snap 
  • Alter masses in content or grapichs mode. All normal (non-proprioritary) designs organize (counting 'high-goals' tiffs and pngs) bolstered. 
  • Fare table-structure and information into sql-dumps 
  • Guide fare to microsoft exceed expectations 
  • Fare/import information in/from csv documents 
  • Fare database mapping in html 
  • Log all questions for a session 
  • Language structure featuring 
  • Spare resultset in csv, html and xml 
  • Duplicate your outcome as csv to clipboard 
  • Is exceptionally console inviting. You can work with 99% highlights of sqlyog with console. 
  • View and slaughter other client forms 
  • Flush host/logs/benefits/tables 
  • Fast access to processlist, status, factors

- Fixed a regression bug introduced in 13.1.0, an error was returned on adding or editing the data in the 'Result' tab. The same steps also caused SQLyog to crash sometimes. This is fixed now

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