SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

By : SoftPerfect

( Freeware )

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SoftPerfect WiFi Guard is an excellent instrument for securing your contemporary Wi-Fi community. It's safe to state that 'many' contemporary Wi-Fi systems are well shielded, but there are a few flaws, which may endanger your password, such as vulnerabilities in anti virus and brute force attacks. This may lead to somebody obtaining unauthorised access to a internet connection and exploit on your LAN.

  • Detects firewalled computers which don't respond to ping.
  • Scans your system in a predetermined intervals.
  • Immediately alerts you in an unidentified device is situated.

This is the point where a WiFi guarding usefulness for example SoftPerfect WiFi Guard comes in to play.

The program will alert you if your system is utilized without your knowledge. It may be configured to scan your system in specified intervals and informs you whether there's some new, unknown or unrecognised connected devices which might be a hacker.

In general, SoftPerfect WiFi Guard is a fantastic tool for your safety conscious. It's lightweight, simple to use, has a very simple interface (albeit outdated looking) and it provides crucial data on link devices to a WiFi network. The only drawback we can see, is it simply informs you about possible problems, but does not offer auto block attributes etc.. You still need to do this manually. Aside from this SoftPerfect WiFi Guard is excellent protection program.

Added IP address information in activity display.
Fixed a crash when trying to execute non-valid EXE file.

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