SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper

By : SoftPerfect

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SoftPerfect Change Port Mapper is a system change management console utility which deletes information regarding exactly what hardware is attached to switch ports and then ports aren't connected.

  • Shows what's attached to each switch port at a simple table format.
  • Pulls ARP table by a router to show IP data of connected customers.
  • Scans the present subnet to get MAC-to-IP address mappings when there's not any router.
  • Includes two variants: a GUI software along with a console program to be used in scripts.
  • Lets direct launching of different programs and tools such as ease and effortless management.

Moreover, the program can display the customer's network card seller, interface rate, as well as the counters of lost and incorrect frames for every single interface. This is very helpful when troubleshooting network connectivity problems.

Network management kit. It's lightweight, Simple to Use and can supply Thorough information about all connected interfaces.

Fixed showing duplicate strings in CDP and LLDP neighbour info and also Fixed an issue with text strings contained a MAC address in binary.

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