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SMPlayer is a front end to its powerful open-source MPlayer. It includes basic attributes like playing movies, DVDs, and VCDs to advanced features including support for MPlayer filters and much more.

Among the most fascinating characteristics of SMPlayer: it recalls the settings of files you perform with. So you begin to see a film but you must leave... don't worry, even once you open this picture it'll resume in exactly the exact same time you left it, and also with the very same settings: sound monitor, subtitles, quantity...

However, there are more intriguing attributes:

You may select font size and font, as well as colours for your subtitles.

  • Sound monitor shifting. You are able to select the audio track that you need to listen to. Works together with avi and mkv. And of course together with DVDs.
  • Hunting by mouse. It is possible to use your mouse to go backward or forward from the movie.
  • Multiple rate playback. You're able to play 2X, 4X... as well as at slow motion. Several filters can be found: deinterlace, postprocessing, denoise... and just a karaoke filter (voice elimination).
  • Sound and subtitles postpone adjustment. Enables you to sync music and subtitles.
  • Advanced alternatives, like choosing a demuxer or audio & video codecs. Lets you enqueue multiple files to be performed after each other. Autorepeat and shuffle encouraged also.
  • Preferences conversation. You are able to easily configure each choice of SMPlayer utilizing a pleasant preferences dialogue.
  • Possibility to look automatically for subtitles from

Just a tiny bonus instrument at the SMPlayer bundle is your "YouTube(TM) Browser to get SMPlayer" giving you a fast access to the hottest, most seen and most rated videos on YouTube.

On Windows 10 the key shortcuts for play next/previous left a "busy" mouse cursor on the screen. This is fixed now 
There's a new option in Preferences -> Playlist to choose the type of window for the playlist: dockable (as before) or just a normal window 
The library used by the web server for the chromecast feature has been updated. It looks like the old one had several vulnerabilities so it's recommended to update

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