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Signal Desktop

By : Open Whisper Systems

( Open Source )

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    Open Source
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    Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
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    Dec 12, 2018
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Signal Desktop for PC is Quick, Easy, Safe messaging to your Windows desktop. It currently runs independently from your browser so, if you are a Firefox or Safari user, you do not have to put in Chrome to ship and Get Signal messages onto your own pc anymore; in case you are a Chrome

Signal Desktop for PC provides the dependable personal messaging encounter of Signal Into the Windows desktopcomputer, with a simplicity which permits you to easily Your own Windows PC. As always, what's end-to-end encrypted and Painstakingly engineered as a way to maintain your communicating protected -- Enabling you to send high quality private collection, text, image, and Video messages at no cost.


Say whatever

Send High class group, voice, text, video, record, and image messages Signal Desktop can Message anybody on Signal.

Talk publicly

Make crystal-clear video and voice calls for individuals who live across town, or even around the sea, without the longstanding fees.

Be yourself

Signal utilizes your current telephone number and address book. There aren't any different logins, usernames, or PINs to lose or manage.

Pay nothing

Signal For PC is encouraged by a group of committed programmers, community There are no ads, and it does not cost Anything to utilize.

Stay personal

Signal messages And calls are almost always end-to-end encrypted and solidly engineered To continue to keep your communicating protected. We can not see your messages or visit your Calls, and nobody else can.

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All our code is free, available, and accessible on GitHub

Control period

Maintain Your chat background clean with messages which you are able to place to evaporate. Pick different evaporating message periods for each dialog. Everybody in the thread shares the exact same setting. Superior memories will continue Even if the words disappear.

Free for everybody

Signal For Windows is created for you personally. As a Open Source project endorsed by Grants and contributions, Signal can place users. There are no advertisements, no Affiliate marketers, no unexpected monitoring. Simply open technology to get a Quick, easy, and safe messaging encounter.

*Requires Installed iOS or Android app.

Looking Signal Desktop for Mac? Download Now!

- Optional support for Typing Indicators. The dots between the lines help you read between the lines. Enable or disable them at any time on your mobile device (Signal Settings > Privacy > Typing Indicators)

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