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Shift for Mac

By : Redbrick Technologies, Inc.

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Shift for Mac into high gear with all the email customer which makes broadcasting involving Mail, Calendar and Push account fast, simple, and lovely. Tired of Shifting between Gmail Accounts?

Key Features of Shift for Mac:

Gmail, Outlook & Office 365, like a boss
Access sh*t performed over several accounts, and email customers, with a single amazing program. Hello productivity!

Easy accessibility, unlimited balances
You Quit wasting time browsing between them (and questioning exactly what you are Missing!)

De-Clutter your own Desktop
It is Such as keeping your room tidy. Alter Mail is a fine alternative to your Multiple browser, browser, incognito, along with logging-in logging-out nightmare. Get Gmail, Calendar and Drive, for All Your accounts, minus the mess.

Stay Up-to-Date
With native background Notifications, it is possible to see just what's happening from your inbox in Real time. Customize telling settings to Acquire All the reminders You require, and not one you do not.

All. The. Platforms
Shift works superbly on Windows, Mac, and Linux - based individual of a browser, also grouped into account.

6 Signs you could get more sh*t done:

  • You have multiple email accounts, and they all give you mild anxiety.
  • You check each account approximately 36 times per hour.
  • Your multiple calendar situation looks like a rainbow just threw up.
  • Your digital filing system makes sense (to your eyes only).
  • Your post-it note consumption is at an all-time high, despite the advent of the Internet.
  • You've been accused of tab over-usage by colleagues, friends, and even relatives.

Also Available: Shift for Windows

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