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Seafile is a cloud storage system and data synchronization system which allows you save your files and data on a central server and synchronize them with your own computers and mobile devices.

In addition, in addition to utilizing Seafile customers, it is also possible to access your documents and information saved in Seafile servers with a web interface.

Seafile is quite flexible in permitting you to make libraries, where you could upload and organize your different kinds of files. If you would like to, you are able to sync every library individually. In reality Seafile also includes complete version control mechanism.

Seafile is a safe solution to your data storage issues. The customer side encryption ensures an extremely powerful and robust cloud storage method. Document encryption is performed on the client side along with some other passwords aren't delivered to the host.

Seafile assert that, if encryption is enabled, the system administrators of this server can't see the contents of those documents which are stored in the machine. For extra safety, along with document safety, the link between the client and the server can also be encrypted.

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- Handle library permission change for synced libraries
- Don't retry forever when error occur during first time downloading
- Show user's name instead of email in account switching popup

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