Scrutiny for Mac

Scrutiny for Mac

By : Shiela Dixon

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This is a significant upgrade from v5. This is an entirely free update for v5 consumers and there's an upgrade path from v4. Simply download it and execute it. It is going to let 30 days free usage with just exporting disabled.

Link assessing
All the features of Coding and Coding Plus. Exactly the exact same fast, effective, precise engine. With more power and choices - authenticate (scanning websites which require logging in) examine links within pdf files, render js prior to parsing. Additionally features to aid and help your migration to https. Choose whether to take care of the http and https variants as one website or different, and to record any links on http pages or http tools on https pages.

Following one scan, Scrutiny retains a huge quantity of info regarding your website. Shows a listing of warnings like missing name / description, lean articles, keyword packed pages, images without alt text, combined content and a whole lot more.

Export an xml site for entry to the search engines (and from different formats also). Option to add pictures and pdf documents. Establish rules to your priority / alter frequency or edit those manually.

Run a grammar or spelling test, see the results from misspelled sentence or by webpage. Uses the normal OSX functionality along with your customized dictionary.

For programmers
Several years of work have gone into creating and encouraging the rapid and precise site crawling / spidering engine which Integrity and Scrutiny usage. I would like it to be utilised in other programs which have to crawl a web site. A ginger frame for the site crawling / spidering engine is currently available for you to try.


  • Link checker
  • SEO analysis
  • XML Sitemap generation, optionally include images / pdf pages
  • Page load speed test
  • Spelling and grammar checking
  • Scans sites requiring authentication
  • Search your site (source or visible text) obtain a list of pages containing a search term or not containing a search term
  • Website monitoring of as many URL's as you like with a choice of alerts and logging
  • Scheduling made easy with a few easy clicks (the old method using iCal will still work)
  • On finish, send an email, save a report, open a file or applescript, FTP the sitemap XML, and other actions
  • Opens and scans a list of links in HTML, CSV, plain text format, or XML sitemap

- Fixes problem causing certain save/export and alert dialogs to not show up

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