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ScriptCase (64-bit)

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    Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
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    Jan 24, 2019
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ScriptCase 64-bit is a development IDE platform for PHP software and also the most effective web development environment! Produce complete systems integrated with business intelligence solutions in moments! Create jobs with assistance to over 50 languages. Information Dictionary feature permits a simple interpretation of tables titles, messages and fields. Strong and intuitive design tools allow​​ to you​​ simple and comprehensive customization of your program's UI.​​ Scriptcase 64-bit may be installed locally or over a internet server (intranet or internet), it may be retrieved via a browser also enables concurrent use with various developers working concurrently on precisely the exact same project.

ScriptCase Key Features:

Go from prototype to production, in a few steps
Scriptcase for Windows enables you to design, develop and deploy beautiful, responsive, database-driven applications using only your web browser. A powerful PHP generator for you to develop fast, simple, secure and with a low cost.

Connect to a Database
Connect with your database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Interbase, Firebird, Access, Oracle, MS SQLServer, DB2, SyBase, Informix or ODBC layer) and generate web applications based on your tables in a simple and safe way. Make the data access and maintenance an uncomplicated step! Convert XLS and CSV files type into in database tables to create apps and reports.

Build web applications
Use our modern, intuitive, and powerful browser-based environment to quickly build and run ​w​eb apps such as forms​,​ reports,​ charts,​ PDF, dashboards and menus, enabling easy iterative development.Use the Business intelligence concept to build management dashboards.

Choose from pre-designed screens or create our own
Customize your Application's UI without writing a single line of CSS or Javascript. You can change everything from the way one button looks to the entire theme of the app, with a few points and clicks.​

See and test changes in real time
With just one click the application source code is generated and displayed with all modifications carried out, allowing a quick preview and test of the final application.

Deliver your project applications
Deployment is the process you use to make applications, developed within Scriptcase, available to be accessed by the end user. Requiring only a web server with PHP support. The generated applications, use PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies. This means your application does not require Scriptcase to run in production​.

Manage and maintain
Keep your projects in a continual improvement process. ScriptCase for PC evolves continuously with the major technological market innovations. Manage your versions and keep a history of changes, enabling new versions creation with the same design, using a native versioning resource offered by Scriptcase.

Powerful tools and development features
Scriptcase offers some additional tools to support your project development, such as: Data Dictionary, Database and Queries Manager, Documentation Manager, wizard for applications creation, Macros with useful PHP functions, ready-to-use codes and Libraries Manager for you to create a code repository.

Simple Development
With Scriptcase, you can focus on the problem at hand. Much of the development process is managed for you: security, authentication, database interactions, input validation, session state management and many other dependencies work out of the box. All the tools you need are available in a single, extensible platform, which runs as a part of the Scriptcase enviroment.

New functionalities:
- Option to add password (using a fixed value or global variable) to protect the exported files in PDF, XML, EXCEL, WORD and RTF
- Option to display titles on all PDF pages
- Option to display header on all PDF pages
- Dynamic columns selection for PDF, XML, EXCEL, WORD, RTF and PRINT
- Dynamic selection of modules for PDF display (Grid, Summary and Chart)
- Option to export Grid and Summary in Excel tabs
- Option to export Excel with "XLS" or "XLSX" formats
- Dynamic module selection (Grid and Summary) in Excel, XML and CSV and Grid in Word, RTF
- Option to display CSV settings for export
- Integration with the CHATAPI library to use with WhatsApp
- New macro to send whatsapp messages: sc_send_whatsapp
- Option to insert a trendline in a chart, to attract the attention of viewers to a particular section within data values, on any of the axes
- Option to insert trend zones to a chart. They are similar to trend lines, except that they mark out an entire range of values, rather than just a single value
- Option for you to create/edit code snippets and add to them events
- New options to express configuration for Grid fields
- Added for Grid and Form filters the select2, slide, auto-complete, switch and checkbox dropdown and options - fields
- New watermark options in filter fields
- Option for data-type fields to display format next or below for: Control, Calendar, Filters and Form
- Added relative dashboard filters for indexes
- Fixed label option added in the application for the horizontal-type Form
- Fixed label option added in the Grid’s Summary
- Added new option for the Form to put the “Help” next to the titles
- New Macro sc_apl_default added to set an initial application to return upon session crash
- Macro sc_apl_default now available at creation for security module

New functionalities:
- New option for setting the level of the APIs as public, project and user
- Improvements to usability of Grid application link-interface

- Fixed error in the timing of the users using the LDAP security module

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