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Scribus is a free DTP program, which provides you a helpful number of resources with which you are able to finish all manner of different endeavors. It comes packaged with preloaded templates or you may make your own record from scratch.

The template choices are diverse and professional looking. Whether you are making brochures, business cards, business cards, newsletters, PDF presentations or posters, you've got a lot of templates to select from.

The interface is simple to get to grips with; just select a template and get started working. Each of the principal tools you will want are economically arranged throughout the top of the doc window. There are a number of measurement markings on either side of this window that allow you to look at your formatting and alignment using a fast glance.

The program also will come with a great deal of support options that will assist you to get the best outcomes from your job.

In general, Scribus provides you a fluid and more effective approach to produce all sorts of documents.

Color precision for fill colors has been expanded to 64 bit floating point.
Scribus can now handle color palettes in the new ISO standard CxF3 (See: CxF3 files cannot only store palettes in different color models (e.g., RGB, CMYK, LAB) and output intents, but also allow for storing spectral colors, which enables even greater colour precision. Scribus is the first DTP software that supports this demanding standard.
Existing import filters have been upgraded to support the LAB color model (where applicable).
The Barcode plug-in has been updated and offers new features.
Many bugs regarding fringe uses have been fixed in the PDF library, both for print PDFs and PDF forms.
Several new commands have been added to the scripting engine, so as to make the document creation via scripts easier and more versatile.
Thanks to the work of the Document Liberation Project and particularly David Tardon, experimental import filters for ZonerDraw vector drawings (versions 4 and 5) and QuarkXPress documents (versions 3 and 4) have been added.
Many potential stability and security issues revealed by Coverity scans have been fixed.

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