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Screenflick for Mac is focused on providing high performance, dependable sound and video screen capture, that's used by professionals and consumers around the world. Whether you're recording a software training session, video chats, demonstration of your program or site, a play session of the most recent 3d game, or anything else at all that's on your screen, Screenflick is your instrument to use. Anything you need, Screenflick can perform it.


Friendly Streamlined Interface
Screenflick can tap into user events such as key presses and mouse clicks and then highlight them in the movies you make. This is extremely helpful for training videos and video podcasts, or wherever you use keyboard shortcuts which is important to show to your audiences. And of course, their look is customizable.

One-Click Audio Recording
Silent movies are something of the past. Screenflick captures live sound from the mic (or any other audio device) of your choice, and all audio playing on your Mac. It is as simple as clicking one checkbox. When exporting pictures in Screenflick, you have the option to exclude the sound from the movie being created.

Capture Liquid Smooth Recordings
Screenflick includes a highly trained recording engine which can catch huge resolutions at high rate and high quality. By using the pixel-hungry graphics chip and multiple processor cores, Screenflick attains outstanding performance when recording the most demanding software in your Mac.

Remotely Control
Use Screenflick Remote to control Screenflick running in your Mac. Using the remote, you can begin a recording, pause, resume, and stop, all with no Screenflick port being visible on your final recording. You may even command Screenflick running multiple Macs in precisely the same time!

Smile! You're on Camera! 
Document from your built in FaceTime camera (or any other connected video camera) and Screenflick may overlay the movie on top of your screen recording, at the size and position you select. Now viewers can see you describe that attribute in applications training films, or see your response when a horde of the undead begin attacking on your gameplay recordings.

Beyond What's On-Screen
Screenflick may tap into consumer events such as key presses and mouse clicks and certainly display them in the movies you make. This is extremely helpful for training videos and video podcasts, in which it's very important to show to your audiences the keyboard shortcuts used in a variety of applications. And needless to say, their look is customizable so you can give it your own touch.

Record After, Export Again and Again
Among the major unique attributes in Screenflick is the ability to export the first full-quality movie multiple times with various scales, attributes, and file formats, contrary to other applications which record directly to a final movie format, which may negatively affect recording performance and sacrifice video quality. Using Screenflick, record a picture once and produce little low quality movies, high quality movies, and export to different file formats, without having to use another application.

The preference now defaults to preferring rendering movies on the graphics card

Multiple fixes for rare stability issues during export
Fixes an issue in the Recording Delay panel which prevented multiple screens with the same name from being shown

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