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SaferPass Password Manager makes life simple by making sure that you never forget Another password! With SaferPass you now have the capability to create strong password which you do not need to recall.

SaferPass Can secure your internet accounts and autofill them You browse to your websites, thus saving you the time to perform the things more important for you. SaferPass could automatically log you, fill form info, and assist to backup your own passwords.

  • Safe Me.
  • Password Generator.
  • AES-256 Encryption.

The program utilizes modern cryptography to Guarantee nobody else can get Your accounts. As soon as you login, they're stored safely encrypted along with your password. SaferPass Password Manager uses AES-256 encryption employed using sterile hashing.

All sensitive consumer information is encrypted and encoded locally in your neighborhood Machine, which means that just encrypted sensitive data is synced with SaferPass. SaferPass can not get your passwords, along with your Master password is not shared with SaferPass.

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