SafeHouse Personal Edition

SafeHouse Personal Edition

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SafeHouse Personal Edition is a superb tool to keep your information confidential by generating virtual storage amounts to maintain nearly all of your documents and folders protected and hidden from prying eyes.

After setup you merely create a digital storage quantity. This is an effortless affair comprising developing an enterprise password (that you want to recall), together with quantity certain features, such as dimensions etc.. The digital storage quantity is subsequently created and stored into a custom location in your pc, and some other information stored within it's not able to be obtained by anybody who does not possess password.

  • 256-bit Twofish innovative encryption.
  • Fully-integrated using Windows Explorer.
  • Hides, locks and deletes all of files, spreadsheets, photographs, and movie files.
  • Endless variety of personal storage vaults as big as 2,000 Gigabytes each.
  • System menu icon offers one-click accessibility to all your protected files.
  • Graphical password grid.

SafeHouse Personal Edition has a couple of very good qualities, however, and so is ideally suited to all those users that are worried about their information being obtained locally. It's made for private use, also has the benefits of being relatively easy to use. If you do not need ultra-strength security, or multi management, and also you do not require complex smart-card assistance, then this might be something you might want to test.

In general, SafeHouse Personal Edition does a really fantastic job at distributing your information utilizing powerful techniques. On the other hand, the deficiency of a self-extracting file program, an electronic shredder free of way to send encrypted files to people without them using SafeHouse applications installed, causes this specific security program you for the acquired taste.

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