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RipBot264 is an a simple to utilize All-In-One Converter for Windows PC. Convert from DVD, Blu-beam or any video to iPod, iPad, PSP, PS3, XBOX360, PC, MAC, MP4, MKV, Blu-beam or AVCHD without fascinating channels and superfluous settings. 

RipBot264 is a useful and profitable programming that was made to allow you to change over your video archives to a grouping of associations quickly and easily so you can carry them with you and watch them wherever you go. 

Since the application supports the most pervasive video archives accessible, an energetic change should allow you to have your accounts on the more prominent impact of the most standard contraptions. The interface is so normal to investigate and use that even a fundamental customer won't have any issues and paying little respect to the likelihood that they do, there's an advantageous guide included to help with the whole methodology. On the off chance that you're wanting to achieve more than essentially change over your accounts, there's furthermore a pushed decision.

Note: Use 7-Zip to unpack the archive.

- Two new options in RipBot264.ini (RunCommandSuccess,RunCommandError)
- CPU utilization graph in EncodingServer and in EncodingClient.
- KNLMeansCL [Adaptive] denoiser. (denoising strength is being reduced according to luminosity of the pixel)
- /server-name , /avisynth-prefetch-threads and /knlmeanscl-opencl-device-type to supported switches by EncodingServer.exe.
- /restart-if-no-progress switch also activates extra process (SuperviseProcess.exe) in order to detect any hangs directly in EncodingServer.exe.
(logs are stored in %TEMP%SuperviseProcessLog.txt and %TEMP%EncodingServerLog.txt)
- Auto reconnect option in EncodingClient.exe

- /knlmeanscl-opencl-device to /knlmeanscl-opencl-device-id and /x264-opencl-device to /x264-opencl-device-id
- EncodingClient no longer re-indexes video file

- EncodingServer.exe not starting on machines with more than 32 logical processors
- Instability in EncodingServer on some machines

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