Riot (64-bit)

Riot (64-bit)

By : Vector Creations Ltd

( Open Source )

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Riot 64-bit makes it possible for groups to communicate with a vast assortment of cooperation programs. If some group members utilize Riot even though some utilize IRC, Slack or even Gitter, then Riot will make it possible for these group members to work together. Riot gives the richest system of communicating bridges.No an individual ought to restrain your communication and information but also you. Riot enables you to operate your own host, also provides teams and users having the most innovative crypto ratchet technology available now to get a decentralized protected Internet.

Riot is completely open source: all of the code is printed on GitHub (Apache License) to allow anybody to view and expand. This means groups can personalize or bring about the code and everybody may benefit from the rate of community creation. Matrix is an open source network for protected, decentralized communication providing a network of customers, bridged networks, incorporated bots and software and complete end-to-end encryption. No limitations on features, category size or use for public rooms.

Key Features:

Born from IRC; built by developers for developers. Enjoy the integrations (Jira, Github), benefit from new ones from the Matrix community, or add your own!

Creative Agencies
Efficient. Clutter free. Riot knows how to go unnoticed. Free your mind, relax, and let your creativity express itself. Integrations (coming soon) for Basecamp, Invision, Zeplin and more bring updates right into your team room for easy tracking. Guest access, interoperability with Slack and other networks let you easily reach your customers through one simple, elegant interface.

Small/Medium Businesses
We all know the communication problems you can find in even the smallest businesses. With Riot, get everyone painlessly on the same page - without them having to give up their existing tools!

Adhoc Teams
Need to get a bunch of different people quickly on the same page? It might be collaboration between teams, companies, families, clubs... Riot's guest access and interoperability lets them plug into their preferred tools and get up and running rapidly.

- Bugfix in react-sdk for setting DM rooms

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