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RegCool is a innovative registry editor for Windows PC. Along with all of the features Which You Can find in RegEdit and RegEdt32, RegCool Provides many powerful features that permit you to work quicker and much more And re - Search and replace - Compare registries - Cut, copy and paste - Drag and drop - Registry Snapshot - Backup and restore - Defragment. RegCool runs On all Windows versions from Windows XP onwards also can be offered in the following languages: English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish and Nederlands!

RegCool Key Features:

  • Multiple undo and redo. - The undo history can be saved to disk and reloaded at startup.
  • Search & replace - Search and replace registry keys, values and data with a super fast search algorithm. You can search the entire registry in about ten seconds on a typical PC!
  • Compare - Compare registry between computers with super fast speed.
  • RegShot-Function - Regshot allows you to quickly take a snapshot of your registry and then compare it with a second one - done after doing system changes or installing a new software product.
  • Cut, Copy & Paste - Cut, copy and paste registry keys and values.
  • Drag und Drop - With Drag and drop you can quickly move or copy registry keys and values.
  • Backup & Restore -Complete Backup and restore of the registry.
  • Defragment - Scan and optimize your registry by removing gaps and wasted space, thereby helping to improve system performance. If you choose to defrag your registry after the scan results, be prepared to reboot your machine.
  • Favorites management - Easy and flexible Favorites management.
  • Multiple local registry windows - Allow to open multiple local registry windows.
  • Secure registry keys - Allows you to open secure registry keys when running under the administrator privilege.

- Updated Korean Language translated by JaeHyung Lee and finding bugs. Thanks for excellent work
- Added Arabic Language translated by MFM lculator zaloom
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor GUI improvements

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